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How to train my Melee Skills ?

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I want to know the best way to train my melee skills (Attack, Strength, Defence) and what items i should take as well

My levels are for these are 60 each

also im using full rune with a dragon scimmy should i use this or something else ?


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    Goblin Armour

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When people ask this, I always tell them to do slayer. Slayer is the best money money maker in rs, s why not train it while training your combat skills? There's not much you can do about your gear right now. I can switch out the rune platelegs for dragon platelegs if you have the money. If you can't afford a black mask for slayer, get a berserker OR Neitiznot helm (quests needed). Once you hit 70 defense, get barrows armor. Torags is the best defensive barrows armor, so I strongly suggest getting that. You should also do Smoking Kills once you get the appropriate levels, so you can unlock the oh-so-useful slayer helm.

Here's the quests you need for the items I mentioned:

Berserker: http://www.tip.it/ru...?rs2quest_id=79

Neitiznot: http://www.tip.it/ru...rs2quest_id=155

Smoking Kills (Slayer Helm): http://www.tip.it/ru...rs2quest_id=190

Good luck and have fun!

Th e Doctor
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Th e Doctor

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He asked for the best way to train melee, not the best way to train overall total with melee. You really need access to piety/turmoil, a chaotic rapier, full slayer helm and extremes to hit the best melee exp for slayer.


Look in the 55-75 section. For the best exp once you get them both you should be using a salve amulet (e) and piety/turmoil (70 and 95 prayer respectively) on an undead target such as armoured zombies or monkey skeletons on ape atoll.

Of course slayer will benefit you the most in the long run.


get 70 attack first for a whip/saradomin sword. These are then your new go to weapons. I recommend training strength with the ss as soon as you can to get it up to ~80 and then doing def with the whip till 70. Then get att to 80 and str to 99.

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Slayer isn't the best money maker in rs, but it is worthwhile. I recommend it for training and if you decide to do slayer you should work towards getting a slayer helm, torso, ddef, d legs, and d boots and a whip when you have the level for it. These items should be good up until you want to piety tasks or can afford bandos . If you dont want to do slayer maybe try the stronghold of security. I think spiders in there are good xp at yours levels.
Good luck!
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Well first, just so you know, Defence isn't a melee skill

But I also disagree with Slayer being the best moneymaker, although it is worthwhile to train you shouldn't expect great reliable profits even at higher levels

Also get the best defender you can if you haven't already, they are much more useful than shields

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Mmhmm...slayer is also another one of those skills that gives you exactly what you need from it. I trained slayer from 75combat right up into the 100s, and easily managed to get 5 sets of melee/mage/range armor...not to mention another 50m in items...
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Slayer will make you quite a lot of money, but only in the very long run and only if you take it slowly (e.g. less cannon, using sw cape/prossy instead of fire cape/bandos, don't use chaotics at dagganoths etcetera). At levels below 75, don't expect great money from any task; once you hit 85 abyssal demons can make you some nice money.

The fastest melee xp is LRC on task (I've heard 180k xp/hr), the fastest off-task is either LRC, or armoured zombies, or monkey skeletons, or an effigy method such as cave crawlers (depending on whether you use effigies on melee stats or not).
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