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Today is Metroid's 25th anniversary!

Posted by Demoli, 06 August 2011 · 1,498 views


That's right folks, Zelda isn't the only big Franchise to celebrate it's 25th Anniversary this year. Today, the Metroid Franchise is officially 25 years old. Ever since then, Metroid has revolutionized the basic sidescrolling shooter experienced by implementing exploration as a main feature, unlike other games it dropped you into an empty world without any guidence where you had to find your own way through.

My first experience with the Metroid Franchise was Metroid Fusion, which was the default Demo game at GBA stations, and even after playing only 15 minutes of that game I was hooked. Later that year I managed to find a copy of that game (really rare in Portugal somehow) and was blown away by it's fusion of exploration and clever puzzles. Ever since then I pursued every single metroid game, having played them all apart from Hunters. It is a series unlike any other and I can only look forward to the next entry in the series.

From the original, to the 2D masterpiece of Super, to the revolution of Prime, ending in the sidestep of Team Ninja, Metroid has always been an excellent series without a single game being classified as "bad".

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My favourite moments of the series are a mix of the regular and the not so heard of. My nÂș1 moment is, without a doubt, the moment you discovered Adam was the computer in Metroid Fusion, mostly because you were never expecting to hear the famous phrase coming otu of the hal-like PC. The sacrifice of teh baby is the second spot, with all the other ones being from the prime series. The entrance to Phendrana drifts was pretty awesome, as was the Prime battle. The first encounter with Dark Samus in Echoes was also prety intense, and to this date i still think the Light suit is the best suit yet. Prime 3 had the most share of increadible moments: The fight down the shaft with Ridley, working with other hunters, every single bounty hunter fight (Rundas was particulary memorable, if not for the music), the bombing of the pirate's homeworld and finally, Phaaze and the final battle with Dark Samus and the Aurora's. Good stuff there.

And so I ask, what are your thoughts about this long lasting series, and what are your favourite moments?

And here I end this entry, Happy Birthday Metroid, Happy birthday Samus, Here's hoping for another 25 strong years!

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