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The Holidays: Goals, Things and Stuff.

Posted by Dax, 02 July 2010 · 540 views

Holidays. Dungeoneering. Firemaking. Life.
Well. Here it is. The holidays. I've been waiting for these for a while now. Hehe. Anyway, I've got a bunch of goals, hopefully I can get a few down and work my way closer to giving up this game.

For RuneScape:
- 70 Dungeoneering. Goal from release, even better when I worked out that I loved the skill. Hopefully Batch 2 can help me out without me going through the dungeons, I do love doing it, but soloing is really slow, and the fact I can't be bothered to team up just makes things annoying.
- 92 Firemaking. I (about 30 minutes ago or so) just obtained 90. This shouldn't be too hard, considering I've got it banked and then some (Good ol' Dunegoneering needing Firemaking). You'll see me hanging out World 99 Edgeville for this one. Hopefully I'll stick to this one and knock it out in one go, continuing from now.
- Slayer, Slayer, Slayer. I can't think of a skill I love more. When I get bored, I slay. When I get poor, I slay. When someone asks what they should train, I say Slayer.

For OtherThings:
- 100% FInal Fantasy XII. A goal I will be starting soon. Greatest game of all time? I think so.
- Finish BioShock 1. I've gotten really lazy, and the difficulty of the part I'm up to (Harvesting with a Little Sister) is gonna be hard.
- BioShock 2. Start going through the story after finishing the first. Then I'm gonna go online more. Rank 20 at the moment.

For RealLife:
- Try to exist away from the computer. Hehehe.
- Stay in touch with people (especially one <3: ) and do stuff. Tied in with point one.
- Do SOMETHING school related. Exams end of next term. Scary when you think about it. School's gone really fast. :\ I don't like it.

Well yeah. That's it. I'm leaving for my grandparent's place tomorrow morning, for something like four days or so. So I won't be around. I'lll miss you guys. <3:

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