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Level 97 Smithing - Call Me Lady Happy :)

Posted by Lady_Shahdie, 21 June 2010 · 1,127 views

97 smithing 120k gold bars 24 million mining xp I'm so haaaaaaaaaappppppyyyy!
I can certainly say that I am truly Lady Happiness today! After a bit of an agonizing wait, I have made it to level 97 smithing. My body is shaking at the thought that I am only 2 steps away from finishing this journey. I will become a real dwarf of RuneScape by possessing one of the sweetest duo 99s. Unfortunately I'm not sure I can enlist with the other dwarfs at the Mining Guild due to a certain height requirement. All jokes aside, I am enthralled in this moment! Every level up feels like its own mini-99 to me. I get the same feeling of excitement, accomplishment, and ecstasy. I really am lucky to have so many supporters that have constantly nudged me along on this journey. Thanks a million folks <3:...

Level 97 screenshot

In non-smithing news, I have a grand total of 120k gold bars and have gained 24 million mining xp. Another sweet thing that has happened to come my way, is the fact I have been deemed a champion of the Judges faction in the RuneScape Triumvirate :shock:. Its been really fun working with Tip.Iters and non-Tip.Iters alike, and the challenges have been a blast! Well thats pretty much the gist of all the happy coincidences in the life of ol' Lady S. See you all around :D!

Not long now and you can smith souls! D:

Grats Shahdie!
Ooh Grats Shahdie!

Keep on going through the last stretch! :thumbsup:
If it needed any more confirmation, you're crazy.

Congratulations but that's about 24M mining experience too much in my opinion :D
Just keep smithing. Just keep smithing. <3:

Well done Shahdie!! Almost there!
"Insert witty comment here"
Awesome job!!
I wish you the best for 99 smithing :thumbup:

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