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Saying goodbye to an old friend. :(

Posted by Kaida23, 27 March 2012 · 1,232 views

Last week ended on a sad note for me. On Friday, I dropped off my service truck at the garage for the last time. After 7 years, 8 months and almost 474000 kilometers our journeys together have finally come to an end. :cry:

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"So what, Kaida? It's just a truck" I hear you say. Spoken like someone who has never had a vehicle for any length of time. And I have had this one for a very long time. It sometimes almost feels like forever. I think I've spent more time in this truck than I have in my own house. :lol:

I have driven this truck nearly every day since I got it. Through blinding snow and freezing rain so bad the heater couldn't keep up causing half the windshield to ice over. Through fog so thick I literally couldn't see past the end of the hood. Through hailstorms that caused even transport trucks to take shelter under overpasses on the highway. Through electrical storms and blackouts and the 38 hour day to fix all the problems they caused. To a job so far away I had to buy gas three times in one day (you don't know a long day until you've driven a 1200km round trip for 30 minutes worth of work <_< ).

Through it all she brought me home safe and sound every single time. No matter what the weather, how bad the traffic, how late the day ran or how tired I was I always made it.

Posted Image

I will miss my truck, but out of the sadness comes joy as I should be receiving my new truck later this week. Will the new one be as good? Only time will tell.

Goodbye old girl, enjoy your retirement. You've earned it. <3:

You'll always miss your first love!
(Even if you have a wife, I'm still talking about your truck!)

Keep your stick on the ice!
(Cookie for you if you got the reference!)
RIP old friend.
Sounds like quite the relationship ey.
Some FRANÇAIS on there! I like! ;)

Goodbye truck :(

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