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No one's talking about the companion app update?

Posted by Mischlings, 24 June 2014 · 2,264 views

There are a lot of things that I run into about RuneScape that I don't think people are really getting a good handle on - Bonds are probably the biggest example that I can think of... well, they might have been, until an update that just happened (and caused me to put off what was going to be this post) that I don't think people have really had the chance to sink in.

Now, I didn't really use the companion app - I had it bookmarked and occasionally looked at it when I couldn't play the game, but I had no real reason to go to it. However, Jagex added something huge to it, something that is going to definitely make a change not just in me using the app, but in the way that I play the game. It makes perfect sense for them to add the ability to create GE transactions within the app, since it's likely the easiest thing to do on a tablet or phone screen - really, what's so different between, say, that and a spreadsheet or a simple web form? Sure, the interface as of right now is a little on the clunky side, but it's usable, and there's also the possibility that they could actually do something to improve it later on down the line. Whether or not it's as simple as it can be is beside the point, as this signals a change that... I don't know how to make clear how big of a change this is.

The Grand Exchange now exists everywhere in RuneScape. Everywhere.

Think about this. You don't have to go there, even as simple as it is to teleport there with, say, a Ring of Wealth. It's just not something you need to even do anymore. With the caveat that you need to log out of your other session completely, you can access the GE no matter where you are in the game.

However, that's not even the game changer that I'm thinking this is.

Like many people, I use the GE for flipping, which turns out to be a pretty decent source of profit. Now, with this update, I can do it from a smartphone or tablet, which the app is specifically designed and intended for. I don't need to be in the game, at a computer, in Varrock, sitting there at the GE, to make those transactions that serve as my main money making method. It's that great promise of portability that comes with mobile technology, just reaching this one little corner of the internet.

Even stranger? This is taking a great money making method and not requiring you to actually play the game in order to use it. Flipping, and all other GE merchanting methods, have been moved out of the game itself and can be done even more easily than they already could.

I have no idea what happens next - I'm not going to claim to know what effect this is going to have on the game. I don't know enough to have any idea what this is doing. I might start to work things out as it goes, especially as I get more acquainted with the ins and outs of the app, and some of the effects start to show up more clearly, I just want people to start talking about it, as there seemed to be mostly silence here.

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