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Review of But They Said for August

Posted by Daavorian, 02 August 2010 · 715 views

So, we just got August's "But They Said". I plan to review this and give you my opinions on it.

A Quest with a Beer Maze!

I'm always up for a quest, and this sounds great. As I said before I really loved the first quest in this series. The style of the puzzles seemed similar to some of the great old quests of the past. Not to mention that there is a beer puzzle! BEER! That'll get the Caped Carousers (clan) up in arms. Level 50 skills indicate that this will be a pretty substantial quest. So I'm looking forward to digging into a deliciously concocted plot.

Lair of the Occult!

Awesome! that will take us all the way up Dungeoneering level 93 if I'm not mistaken. And just by the way that boss looks totally bad-ass. I love the thought that he has a boss mechanic that is "inventive." I mean, the dungeoneering bosses in general are a tier above almost every major monster/quest boss in terms of combat mechanics. I also really love that concept art. I mean DAAAAAMMMMN that's one cool minotaur. Occult floors ftw! (And since they're occult that makes them evil and Magicky right?

So it looks like I'll really need to invest time into Dungeoneering. Because all this just looks so damn cool. Herbs and Skeletal necromancers also sound pretty cool.

Shiny Stuff!

Cool stuff. the RoV sounds like it will be kinda overpowered in PvP but it will probably be dreadfully pricey so risk will probably equal reward. EotW (wait...that's the acronym for The Eye of the World, the first in the badass series The Wheel of Time) sounds like it might help knock Melee down a few notches, but again it is likely to be such an elite item that it wont' have too huge of an effect. I'm also a bit confused by the name. Sounds like something that counters "Warriors" more than anything else. Rigour prayer...so they're finally releasing piety for Ranged?

Armies of Gielinor Meets the Void

So, you're making something like Armies of Gielinor that's built into Runescape? Sounds pretty cool. Hopefully it won't be a total bust like Mobilising armies was. I really like Armies of Gielinor but I really hate Mobilising armies. Well anyway that sounds pretty cool...I guess.

Explain Yourself!

I know a lot of people who don't use the forums. It's nice to see you make an announcement like this somewhere where those friends can see it...But I'm looking forward to it and Z-buffering.

The Afterthoughts

1) That's helpful
2) You should've done that a while ago. I mean, why did sitting around in your house do it?
3) Potentially useful.

Concluding Thoughts

Sounds like a pretty Badass month! I'm looking forward to it...

I particularly like the lil box at the end....you didn't mention that part o.O


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