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New Year, Old Goals, and I'm Still a Mad Quester.

Posted by Daavorian, 01 January 2010 · 1,026 views

new year holidays rants quests summoning mining meh
So. It's time for my fourth blog entry. And this is my New Years Eve Blog entry. I've got lots to say, so lets get started.

EDIT: just got 365 views :thumbsup:

Daily Briefing

Today was meh. Only got one level up. I started off the day with a bad headache. In the morning I did penguins, used the xp on summoning and got to lvl 62.

I spent the rest of the day on and off mining, did 2 or 3 stars, and got about 200 coal. But I didn't get a level. God mining is annoying. Give me a moment to go bang my head on an ore bearing rock.

In real life the house-cleaners came (an odd mix of luxury and torture) so my family went to see Avatar. More on that later. :arrow:

What I Unlocked Today

-62 Summoning: Abyssal Lurker Familiar and Abyssal Stealth Scroll

Today's Pics

A Jagex New Year

So Jagex has just released a new years message. I have to say, looking back, that this was a better year than we gave it credit for at the time. We got high level updates, a good batch of quests, and some good technical upgrades that really improved the game. I'm not the only one waiting for next year with high hopes, a new skill, grandmaster quests, and quest extensions. It will be fun! B)

2009 Dark Avorian Style

This was an epic year. Just to cover ALL the bases I'ma go one by one.

-I joined two amazing clans which are compatible as well as a community of Runescape suggesters who I mesh well with.
-I got 60+ in every skill
-I got 100 combat
-I got a Quest Cape
-I got several hundred total levels.
-I did most quests on release day.
-I met a J-mod or two.

And to close off the year, My take on Avatar

Great movie! Epic! Awesome! Boo-yah!

My one problem...?

Wait, one more thing

Have some fun you scary hacker you. Good job getting people to look at your list with 6 or 7 viruses attached to it. Apparently I'm on the list...but i sleep soundly tonight knowing you're an attention seeking nerd with no life (and i don't mean that in insulting RS style I mean it so literally it hurts)


Weren't those the selected good humans in their avatars that were moving the "bad humans" onto the ships that would send them back home?

Was a great movie though. :)
No... but there were natives herding them on too. I t was just a bit wierd.

and btw...if you read my comment... you can use BBCode on your comments
Happy newyear :]
same to you

and btw...if you read my comment... you can use BBCode on your comments

#-o Posting at 1am in the morning is bad for me.

If you're right about the natives then it does ruin it a little.


Hi, I'm dark avorian


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