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So long...

Posted by Dragonkng198, 18 February 2011 · 812 views

And thanks for all the fish <3:

Ha! I had a whole bloody line of paragraphs wrote up, explaining as to why I've done what I've done (and I just can't take the guilt! Your 19 year old sister was just too temptin.. oh, you didn't know about that? Forget that bit then) ;)

You know when you write up a whole bloody line or lines, but it doesn't come out the way you wanted it to, and you just delete it all and type something new? Sometimes, even that isn't good, so you just give up on it, and do what I'm now doing, which is writing a load of irrelevant and completely rubbish material to try and get views (thumbs up and subscribe plz)

Soooooo, for those that didn't know, I've actually quit Runescape :P I hear some of my older friends (especially those from Codguy) say "Again? Wonder how long he'll last this time"

Well, I intend to not log in till Jagex brings back old new wildy plz we pay we say bring back old new wildy plz jagex or i sue u for bank trolololol

I fully intend to lobby lurk, just like my idol Iiiccee (Frank) I freaking love you and want your babies, but that's another story ;)

I also plan to stay around ze Tip.Its, because Frankly (two franks in two lines, nearly as good a video as two cheerleaders one me :twisted:), I love all of you <3:

I won't be logged onto the lobby probably for another 8 days though, cos I'ma go Germany for holidays! I have to be at the airport in 6 hours from now, and should be fun :D

So yeahhhhh, I just wanted to post this because I love the attention and if you don't give it to me, I'll sue Tip.It for emotional torture and win bank and buy divine then lose in new old wildy, and rant some more to get old new wildy back!

I joke, I just wanted to post to say bye to most of you for a bit <3:

Banomanom <3:

wave2:white:congratz draggle on quitting gl irl iflu <333 -dragonkng198- <333

I love you.

I'll sue Tip.It for emotional torture and win bank and buy divine then lose in new old wildy, and rant some more to get old new wildy back!

Good luck with that! :mrgreen:
Denied. get back on Runescape. <3
Lots of love Drags, Gl irl <3
Denied. get back on Runescape. <3
You are excellent.
Have a fun trip !
Dragglewaggle <3
L u mad s0n? Nah, I am proud of you darling, finally someone else understands what RS is all about.

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