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Marraige of Kimberly and Dragonkng198!

Posted by Dragonkng198, 31 August 2012 · 1,976 views

Hello users of the Tip.It forums.

You are cordially invited, to the union of two evil souls, to form the Anti-Christ.

Kimberly has graciously accepted my proposal for marraige, and as such, you are all invited to the blessed event.

There will be cake. (which may or may not be a lie)

There will be death. (What wedding isn't complete without a little MURDER! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! :twisted:)

The staff present are as follows:

Bride: Dragonkng198

Groom: Kimberly (She wears the trousers in the relationship.)

Best Man: Omnitec

Maid of Honour: Ezkaton

Vicar: Salleh

Bridesmaids: Neddykins, Cowman_133, BloodAngel and MageUK

Flower Girls: Sangrina and WoodenFruit

The event will take place on Friday the 13th of September (I don't care if the 13th isn't a Friday, I said it is, and who's going to argue with me, when I have your life in my hands... and your spleen.)

It will take place at 6:66pm (7:06pm), and will be held at the Chaos Elemental in world 18. I hope you all come, and bring your most expensive items. You can trust me. I'm your friend. :twisted:

This will be the wedding cake:

Posted Image

P.S - Kimberly is going to murder me for posting this, so please don't expect me to be very responsive until I'm revived. Thank you. Have a nice day. Please try the fish.

P.S.S - I realise this is my fourth marraige in a row, but frankly, I'm a bigamist. Deal with it. <3:

P.S.S.S - The Game.

Kimberly is the pink power ranger :-o
Should be a lovely ceremony.
I cant wait for the reception
and to see the kids
Lols Draggle :D
The [bleep] did I just read.
loljk didnt read.
Good Luck Draggle *notes date in calendar*
Happily ever after! *starts to grow flowers for her duties as a flower girl*
I still don't want to be the vicar.
Now this is just crazy. Most random blog post I have ever read on here. And funny random/evil ofc. Awesome.
Why aren't I a bridesmaid :(

Why aren't I a bridesmaid :(

I find this offensive on sooo many levels. :P
Kimberly...I wouldn't want to be near her when she reads this x)
Congratulations to you both. I would attend, but it would be an exp waste.

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