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The day of epic Slaying

Posted by elucin8er, 26 August 2010 · 631 views

So today, I wake up before work with my toast and coffee, to play some Runescape.

Get my task, woot 200 Abbysal Demons, nice crimsons and always the chance of a whip. Then I was like :o

Posted Image

And then I was like :ohnoes:

Posted Image

Then it was time to work. Such an awesome chilled day, fitted a few suits, happy customers, warm compliments, going home feeling happy.

Come back home to finish Abbysal Demon task, and then for the final time I was like oo k ty..

Posted Image

My inventory after it all was looking pretty healthy, what an awesome day

Posted Image


So now it's 3:00pm, probably going to do the dishes before the gf gets home to cheer her up, then smash my way to 90 prayer.

..... Or you know .... smash 90 prayer first then do dishes haha.

I hate you. <3:
Sweet, I wish I was high enough level for those kinds of tasks already <_<
I hate you, dude. Seriously. I was doing that task with you. ;_:

(thanks for the effigy assist)


Gratz on your luck! I have had dozens of AD tasks and only EVER 3 whips.

Get on to your next task double quick before that luck wears off :thumbsup:

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