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Autograph Adventures with Das: Some recent pickups

Posted by das, 16 May 2011 · 1,849 views

Since i've got a lot more time on my hands, figured i'd start a blog of my adventures in autograph collecting. To start it off, I thought i'd share some of my favorite recent pickups in the last month or so! I collect pretty much anyone and everything with a focus on Star Wars, Voice actors of my favorite cartoons and TV Shows. It's a hobby that requires networking - time and patience.

Dave Prowse - Darth Vader (The man in the suit) - Star Wars - Obtained directly from Dave
Posted Image
Playmate Heather Carolin - She's a favorite hottie of mine - Obtained Directly from Heather
Posted Image
Arian Foster - Houston Texans Running Back. The Texans are a favorite team of mine
Posted Image
Slug - Better known for being in Atmosphere - One of my favorite Rappers - Obtained with the Fifth Element Preorder
Posted Image
Jack Mackenzie - Cal Alder - Star Wars Empire Strikes Back - Obtained from a fellow 'grapher who got him at a convention in Germany.
Posted Image
Brendan Fraser
Posted Image
Julie Benz
Posted Image
Tricia Helfer - Obtained through the Women of Sci Fi convention
Posted Image
Kristine Sutherland - Buffy/Angel is one of my many casts I focus on. Even the actors with small roles get me excited.
Posted Image
Marc Blucas
Posted Image

Thats cool. :thumbup:
Pretty awesome Das! I might upload a few of my autographs in my collection sometime...
Brilliant finds as always Das. :D Julie Benz ftw

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