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Something other than Familiarisation

Posted by Troacctid, in Reviews, Runescape 16 February 2010 · 890 views

food bits and pieces updates runescape holidays
So we had an update today, and it's a new thingy for summoning. That's great, because I always need more charms. Is it strange, though, that what made me want to log in for this update was this little bullet in the patch notes?

Posted Image

"What? They changed the Dramatic Point emote? I have to see that!" As it turns out, it looks the same as it used to look, and so does the Freeze & Melt emote. But it had me excited there for a moment; I'm not a big fan of that flying snow thing they have going on.
Posted Image

Anyway, then what had me intrigued is this one:

Posted Image

And I couldn't stop wondering what they added as food or if you can just feed the guy anything. So I went over to Paterdomus and started a trek with some food items I found in my bank (they haven't changed what you can give them to hold before you start).

Naturally, the first event I run into is this piece of crap:

Posted Image
God, this event is annoying.

I wanted to do a real trek, so I teleported away and started over. On the next one, I fixed a bridge with some logs, and then...

Posted Image
Well that's torn it. I'm done with this minigame for today.

At this point I lost interest in completing a trek, but at least I got to test out some foodstuffs on the Adventurer. Here's what he accepted out of my test pool:
Posted Image

In case you missed it, he turned down the Saradomin Brew, the prayer mix, and the beer and wine, but he was willing to accept a whole watermelon, a whole pizza, and for some reason, deadly nightshade. Nightshade? Really? This is supposed to be an improvement? Geez.

Me: Here, take this deadly poison in case we get attacked and you need to heal.
Adventurer: Thanks, I'll save this for later.

What a sap. He took the caviar, though, so at least he must have some taste. Wait, but then why didn't he take the wine? He must just be weird.

Anyway, I'll probably try out this "familiarizing" thing later. In the meantime, I hope you all had a happy Valentine's Day!

Posted Image

Nightshade. Those suckers beg for death, really - and this explains why I quit that minigame too.

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