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20-Oct-2009 Ardougne Achievement Diary: My Runescape character went to Kandarin and all I got was this lousy cape

Posted by Troacctid, in Reviews, Runescape 21 October 2009 · 1,492 views

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Ardougne Achievement Diary: My Runescape character went to Kandarin and all I got was this lousy cape

It’s the Ardougne area’s turn for an Achievement Diary, spanning from Castle Wars to the Legends’ Guild, and from the Combat Training Camp all the way down to Yanille. There’s a ‘sneaky’ reward for anyone who completes all the tasks...

The new achievement diary is out, and there's only one question on everybody's minds: how the bloody hell are we supposed to pronounce "Ardougne"? (Rhymes with "Des Moines." You're welcome.)

By and large, what we have here is standard Achievement Diary fare. Most of the tasks are straightforward. There's some that are fairly simple, such as teleporting to the essence mine with Wizard Cromperty, and there are some that are rather obscure, such as getting a civilian to throw a tomato at an army recruiter. As with the Falador diary, the tasks span a hefty portion of the continent rather than just the titular city. Be prepared to run all around the southern half of Kandarin as you check items off the list.


This section contains reward spoilers, obviously. I'm going to list the rewards and comment on their relevancy.

Easy task rewards

Medium task rewards

Hard task rewards

Elite task rewards

How this update affects you

With the Ardougne Cloak 1, you can use the Monastery teleport to speed up bush runs. With the Ardougne Cloak 2, you can use the farm teleport to speed up herb runs. This is a good update for farmers. Every 70+ farmer should be doing poison ivy runs to at least the Champions' Guild and the Monastery now, because they're both super-close to a teleport (Ardougne Claok/Combat Bracelet) and it's a good ~1k experience per seed with a nice profit.

Thieves will probably enjoy the thieving boost from the Ardougne Cloak 3, and perhaps from the others as well.

The pure essence gives us a new daily event which is fairly profitable and pretty quick. It may be worth grabbing an Ardougne teleport to go talk to Cromperty once in a while, maybe snatching a gem from the stall on the way and making a quick detour for the Jade Vine afterwards.

Anyone who visits Yanille will benefit from the faster teleport, whether you collect your sand from Bert every day faithfully or simply drop by every now and then to visit the Magic Guild or whatever.

Bottom line

This has everything I expect from an Achievement Diary: small but useful rewards for players of all levels. While there isn't much about this update that's earth-shatteringly awesome, it's still solid. Thumbs-up! :thumbsup:

In other news: Upgrade Watch!

Players often forget about the minor changes Jagex makes that add up to improve the overall experience of the game. I'm dedicating this section to documenting some of those upgrades that we take for granted.

Bits and Pieces this week


One more thing: The stats of the Ardougne Cape 3 make it a contender for the cape slot when CB hunting. More stab attack and prayer bonus than the fire cape. Good for players who would rather not risk the harder-to-get cape.
Interesting. I am glad you wrote this up; very interesting, indeed!
SOunds good, we nnow have a reason for summoning(not really though) and a cape with more prayer, I like it.
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