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Ask a n00b

Posted by Troacctid, in Humor, Runescape 02 August 2011 · 1,695 views

runescape humor advice column
Dear n00b,

I have about 3k blue charms in my bank and I'm not sure what to do with them. My Summoning level is 80. What do you think would be the best way to spend all these charms? Or would it be better to save them?

--Charmed in Varrock

Hi Charmed:

My friend told me titans r good. But I did some math and ur going to need alot of spirit shards. Im not sure its worth the money. U would need 15m gp to buy them all, i dont think most people can afford it, its alot. Go to the party room and wait for someone to drop a party hat, if u get it then i think u will have the money and u can make some pouches, if u need talismans for them a good place is to kill wizards south of fally. :)


Dear n00b,

I want to get 99 fishing. What would be the best way to train? (I'm P2P.)

--Angling in Ardougne

Hi Angling:

Well a good way is with lobs, u can catch those on karjama, I did some math and that would be about 15m so u could use those blue charms, o that was the other guy, sry. Also u could do rocktail which would be 50m so u would be pretty rich. Sharks r the best tho, there slow but there like 100m if u get 99 on them, so its worth it. Theres some in Catherby. U will be really rich if u can do it, lol, good luck. :)


Dear n00b,

What is the best weapon to use against waterfiends? I heard chaotic maul was good, but I don't have any chaotics.

--Bemused in Burthorpe

Hi Bemused:

Waterfiends r weak to crush, so u just use the weapon with the most crush. So the best is statius warhammer which has 123, or vestas spear which has 120 (i have a list of all weapons that i found on tip.it, i can sort by crush att). After that is dhraok axe, then barrelchest anchor, then gravite 2h, then torag hammers, then warhammer class 1, then veracs flail, then granite maul, then godsword. I dont know what some of these weps r but there u go, thats a list, use the best 1 u can. :)


This is way to good.
You are amazing.
It hurts my head.
Dear noob,

How does one write such great blog entries like Troacctid?

--Confused in Canifis.
Hi Confused:

Y u give trocatid the credit, i did all the work 4 this one, ur question should b "How do u write great blogs like n00b", there i fixed it 4 u, gl.


warhammer class 1

awmg, wer I get dis?!

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