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JagMotion: Exclusive advance review!

Posted by Troacctid, in Reviews, Runescape 01 April 2012 · 1,543 views

runescape humor news review
Yes, it's true! I can personally confirm that the JagMotion is not merely a seasonal prank. I recently received an advance copy of the JagMotion in the mail from Jagex. Apparently someone up there reads my blog. I've been holding off until it was officially announced, of course, but now that the word is out, I'm happy to present an exclusive advance look at the JagMotion control system!

I started by going on a farming run, like I normally do. At first, working the bank was a little awkward, since instead of pointing and clicking, you have to gesture up and down and left and right to move the cursor from item to item. But then I figured out that I could give it voice commands. I told it to "withdraw law runes" and they moved from my bank to my inventory! Fantastic! There are some kinks to work out, though. When I said "supercompost" it thought I said "dupe compost" and it created a duplicate of my supercompost. Then when I said "dupe arcane spirit shield" it thought I said "poop arcane spirit shield" and changed my arcane spirit shield into a bucket of ugthanki dung. Hmm.

Well anyway, I managed to withdraw the rest of my supplies, so I held out my hand and turned it over to empty out my ectophial. It worked! I turned around and held out my hands and yep, it refilled at the ectofuntus! Lifted my arm in the air to activate Greenfingers. That one took a few tries. It kept thinking I was doing an emote. When I made a drinky-drinky gesture to try and drink my juju farming potion, it thought I was teleporting with the ectophial again. I got it on the second time and started to jog in place towards the farming patch, but by then I'd forgotten to refill the ectophial. Awkward.

I got to the patch okay, but I couldn't figure out how to pick the herbs. I kept trying to reach down to pick them, but it just made me drop items from my inventory and pick them up again. My juju potion was running down and I was frustrated, so I facepalmed. This, of course, caused my character to poke himself in the eye with the magic secateurs. The visor filled up with blood effects and I couldn't see a damn thing anymore. At this point I took the suit off.

On the whole, it was pretty awesome! I'm giving it four stars out of five. Jagex has come out with a high-quality peripheral product for playing their game, and I think most Scapers will enjoy the alternative way to control their characters. I'm taking off a star because the suit had breathability and chafing issues, but just about everything else is excellent. Thumbs up. :thumbup:

Stay classy. And honestly, runescape is a bad example, hasn't anyone ever told you not to run with scissors? :P

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