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On Thanksgiving

Posted by Troacctid, in Real life 28 November 2009 · 1,428 views

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Folks, it's no secret that I am not a Thanksgiving person. Sure, I'm thankful for a lot of things. Friends, family, freedom, love, hot chocolate, apple pie, ice cream, cookies, internets, material possessions, five-dollar footlongs, digital watches, modern plumbing, all that jazz. But let me be frank for a moment. Thanksgiving is lame. What, so some European settlers got together with the local indigenous tribes and had a party back in the 17th century, so we celebrate...for some reason...by inviting relatives over to eat foods that we probably wouldn't touch any other time of the year and that are completely different from the foods that said 17th-century folk ate? If we're supposedly duplicating a historical event, why don't we eat venison and corn at Thanksgiving dinner? And what makes their party so special? It's not like it led to some lasting friendship in which the two cultures respected one another as equals and did not commit any genocides. Nothing really came of it. We don't have a national holiday for, say, the discovery of the polio vaccine, and that was a lot more important to our history.

It's not even especially good food. Sure, there's some pumpkin pie, and that's okay. But...stuffing and cranberry sauce...? Yeah...okay...and then we have yams, which admittedly aren't so bad, but really not worth fussing over. And of course, the turkey.

Now, I'm sort of a vegetarian...I mean, I'll eat meat, but only if it's so fried, battered, and/or smothered in sauces that you could have swapped it with a hunk of cheddar cheese and I wouldn't be able to tell the difference. So maybe this is just me. Or hell, maybe my dad is just terrible at cooking poultry. But I hate turkey. I loathe it. I wouldn't eat it if you paid me. Well, I wouldn't eat it unless you paid me. And even then I'd drown it in mustard first.

The worst part is, we always have a humongous turkey for some reason, so every year we're left with a week's worth of leftover turkey, which, as I believe I mentioned already, I detest. Invariably, my dad will take the leftovers, cook them into some fowl-smelling soup (no pun intended...well, okay, yes, pun intended), and offer it up as dinner every night until Hanukkah...because why would anyone bother to cook something new that I don't hate when there's plenty of old food that I do hate? Naturally, that leaves me with a good week of Hot Pockets and Rice Krispies for dinner.

Hopefully you can see why I'm not a big fan of Thanksgiving or of turkeys in general. Even the wild turkeys that occasionally wander around my neighborhood don't seem do much besides waddle around making annoying clucking noises while you're trying to sleep. So you can probably imagine that I enjoyed having the opportunity to mercilessly pummel turkeys to their painful deaths with heavy, blunt objects during this year's Thanksgiving event.

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Revenge is sweeter than any pumpkin pie. :twisted:

On an unrelated note, I saw New Moon this week. There's really not much to say about it except that it was, like the first movie, very faithful to the book, so if you liked the book, you'd probably like the movie, and if you hated the book, you'd probably hate the movie. The main problem I had was that it was full of copious uncomfortable close-up shots. Not to mention excessive fanservice. "Mmm, yes, I'm so ridiculously good-looking that the camera can't shoot me without going into slow-motion. Ooh, yeah, zoom in a little on my pecs, yeah. Keep drooling, fangirls...I'll probably take my shirt off sometime in the next five minutes." (Ironically, the fanservice probably makes it even more faithful to the book.)

I don't really like turkey either. I prefer chicken.

The place where I live does not celebrate Thanksgiving, btw.

I haven't actually read the Twilight series, but judging by hype from the fangirls, it probably is a series mainly for girls. <_<
Hmm, someone is deluded about the real history behind thanksgiving. I suggest you read "Of Plymouth Plantation" which was authored by someone who was there... Thanksgiving was about giving thanks to God, not about thanking the Indians, or just having a party. I mean, after a winter where about half you group dies, and food gets so low you are down to several kernels of corn a day, don't you think that when times get better you have something to be thankful for? Also, Thanksgiving has its roots in far more than the original celebration. Several presidents, including Lincoln called for days of thanksgiving.
But...turkey is amazing...as is stuffing...although yams...idk

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