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15-Dec-09 Blood Runs Deep: A Dagannoth Christmas

Posted by Troacctid, in Runescape, Reviews 17 December 2009 · 1,389 views

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Blood Runs Deep: A Dagannoth Christmas

Rally the troops, fulfill a prophecy and prepare to defend your loved ones as the Fremennik go to war! Can you lead a ferocious assault on Waterbirth Island in our latest quest?

It's that time of the year again. The time when we set aside our differences to celebrate peace and love, feel the spirit of giving, and of course, violently cleave some dagannoth skulls with a large axe!

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"Guthix bless us, every--*thwunk* Aargh my arm! What are you doing?! Gaah, no, not the spine, not the--*crunch* Oh Jesus, the pain!"

From Jagex's Twitter hint, I totally thought this week was going to be the Christmas Wintumber event. Turns out we got something a little more exciting and a lot more violent: the follow-up to Glorious Memories, in which, well, let me go over the plot for you.

I have a few bones to pick with this quest. Let's go through them.

  • Escort mission. Everyone hates escort missions. The fact that you have an escort mission in the first place is a strike against you already. But the facepalming was compounded further by making the NPC limp slower than walking speed. That means we had to actually stop or backtrack to let Vargas catch up even if we weren't running. Lame.
  • Battles of indeterminate length. Don't get me wrong, it was pretty cool fighting dagannoths as they attacked Rellekka. The setting gave it a real "I am defending my homeland!" atmosphere, and I liked the "THIS. IS. RELLEKKA!" bit. But randomly killing dagannoths without an obvious objective was annoying. I'd have preferred to have some indication of how many you still need to take down. With them just respawning after you kill them, it doesn't really feel like you're turning the tide in a war where you're hopelessly outnumbered, which is how it's supposed to feel. It ends up seeming aimless and arbitrary. Same kind of problem in the dream sequence.
  • The final boss. The new magic interface is just not responsive enough to handle the Dagannoth Mother's rapid color-changing well, making for a frustrating battle.
  • The Waterbirth shortcut. Why would you make such a useful shortcut available during the quest but not let us use it again afterwards? I thought you might have learned from player feedback for Within the Light. It's stupid because it gives an unfair advantage to people who leave the quest unfinished. I want to use the shortcut to get to rock lobsters and Dagannoth Kings more easily too, but why should I have to give up my quest cape and 450k experience to do so? Hopefully this will be patched quickly.

That said, it wasn't all bad. There were epic moments. It was a pretty challenging quest. It tied up some loose ends in the storyline. All good things. And the reward is perfect--combat experience and a new, specialized weapon. Both fitting rewards for an advanced quests.

Bottom line

A mixed bag: awesome rewards and awesome story, but some frustrating gameplay elements.

Additional note

Should I have the widget boxes on the left, on the right, or split between both sides? I can't decide which looks best.

Nice review, I kinda agree with you. Except that I found the final battle easy as pie :o (seriously , I had more trouble with the 2 sentinels..)

About the lay-out, you better split between both sides :)
How do I get my exp reward?


How do I get my exp reward?


Talk to Chieftan Brundt. You'll need at least level 75 in a skill you want to claim the xp reward in.

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