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Posted by ForsakenMage, in Real Life, Random RuneScape Chatter 28 June 2012 · 1,683 views

T. S. Church Return to Canifis Betrayal at Falador Legacy of Blood novel RuneScape book
So I spent the last 48 hours or so reading Legacy of Blood and am overall impressed. Admittedly I feel like there were some portions of the story that felt rushed and that Gar'rth's story seems thrown a tad messily together even though the title implied that this particular book would look into his history more. Still, T. S. Church did a great job keeping the thrill in the story, and tied up the one that was built up from Return to Canifis.

But in terms of how Tenebra, the Dark Price, was eliminated: it just doesn't seem like a fitting end for him. I wished Gar'rth had put in the final blow like Vanescula wanted, instead of Kara-meir finishing it off for him. But I suppose in some views, if Gar'rth were to eliminate the Dark Prince, it would be viewed as him following Vanescula in addition to aiding his friends and the kingdom of Misthalin.

The part that did bother me the most, however, was the romance between Theodore and Lady Anne. Somehow, it just never settled right with me at all. :( It just felt kind of dirty. Castimir and Arisha had their own romance, and I was okay with that, but with Theodore and Lady Anne, I got irritated. She presses herself onto Theodore so hard (no innuendo intended) that I wish I could just reach into the story world and go, "CONFOUND IT WOMAN! CAN'T YOU SEE HOW AWFUL YOU ARE?!" Between Castimir and Arisha, however, I feel like their romance developed in a more natural and sincere way. With Theodore and Lady Anne, it just feels like their love was more out of spite of Kara-meir, just because Theodore's feelings were hurt after hearing Kara-meir's lie about her intimate relationship with Gar'rth and Lady Anne viewing Kara-meir as someone below her.

And Sulla's death. Finally. That guy was getting on my nerves with his sleaziness. <_< All the better for a fallen villain who believed up until the end he had some sort of power to exert over others. But somehow, I feel like his ending should've been more.

But, it seems like there's still more afoot based on how the ended.

But to my surprise, Jagex has announced on Facebook that it's the final book in the trilogy. WHAT?! :blink: When was this a trilogy?!
But... there's still so many questions! D: WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY!