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Posted by IamTardis, 01 March 2012 · 2,058 views

Kiln YtHaar
A couple weeks ago the weekly update featured the new Tzhaar and and the Elder Kiln quest. With an early bird bonus for those who managed to complete it within the first two weeks. At first I totally didn't plan to do the quest, it said something about fighting off multiple beasties of combat level 300 and higher. I really thought that was ought of my league. However, the people in the friend chat thought otherwise, and they convinced me to do the quest anyway. Since the dying safe I finally agreed with them and decided to give it a go.
I forgot to count how many times I died in that quest-fight-pits-thing, and I also forgot how many times I died later on, in that tunnel to the Kiln and in that Kiln battlefield. But it's far into the two-digit-numbers. I must've died at least thirty times, all in all. Despite all those deaths I managed to defeat all the beasties in the end, and thus earned myself the rank of YtHaar. Other, higher level, people will probably think it was just another quest, but for me it was difficult and I am real proud of being an YtHaar.
And of course I was real happy with the early bird bonus too.

YtHaar ftw!

Oh and by the way: I still think the new kiln cape looks like a bunch of mini-F117's strapped to your back, no matter what everyone says. :)

...So it isn't an obsidian Christmas tree? :sad:

...So it isn't an obsidian Christmas tree? :sad:

Actually it does kinda look like an upside-down obby christmas tree!
I hope Jagex check these forums, somewhere on tif I saw some artwork which suggested the tzhaar capes could look like flowing lava. And the kiln cape of course looked more awesome than the fire cape. I would really love it to see that in-game.
They should've made TokHaar-Kal a cape with random-sized but not oversized plates of obsidian in the same color scheme, with lava flowing behind it, imo. Would look a hell of a lot better than a bunch of planes plastered together ;P.
Congrats <3

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