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Finally entitled to wear the pinkish cape

Posted by IamTardis, 25 June 2012 · 841 views

Last post I was one or two levels away from level 70 dungeoneering, and the 70-milestone-cape. I channelled all my free xp into dungeoneering and then last Saturday evening I got to the point that I needed only 8k-ish xp. I could wait for a couple of joats of course, but I decided to pull myself together and do some floors to gain the remaining xp. I started at floor 16, for that one was unticked and thus I would get some prestige, which adds nicely to the xp total. Two cursebearer-bosses and one skinweaver-boss later the levelup fireworks filled my screen.


Of course I immediately left the dungeon to bank and equip my beautiful 70-milestone cape. I made that when I got 70 craft and it has been sitting in my bank ever since. Until now! It looked great, but since I thought the pink colour clashed with the clothes I was wearing, I decided to pay a visit to the Varrock clothes store and get a new, matching, outfit. And that looked so cool that I ran to the falador hairdresser after that to get a matching hairdo. And I wear that cape to everywhere I don't need armour, obsidian cape or ardougne-3 cape; I am real proud of it.

Although, being me, I of course have new goals already: get 75 range and do Within the Light, get my combat level way up and kill both the Pest Queen and the Blood-Runs-Deep-Dagganoth Mother (both of which I am kind of stuck at now), do pest control and conquest games and get full void, and get all my skills 80+, so I can make and equip the 80-milestone cape. I need to level lots of skills though, currently I am working on 80 firemaking. But besides that I need to level attack, strength, defense, ranged, prayer, summoning, farming, herblore, construction (ew, larders), dungeoneering, hunter, crafting, fletching, and whatever I forgot. At least I already got 80 mining, 80 smithing, 83-ish runecraft en some 82-ish agility. And 90 woodcutting.
Hey, I already got 1 skill ready for the 90+-goal!

I have a week's vacation coming up. Better start to do some decent farmruns then, they tell me it's good gp and I need gp if I want to level prayer and herblore. Time to save up!

Props to ye! And yeah, start doing real herb runs; it's definitely worthwhile. Also, you should seriously be doing shattered heart, if you're working on that many skills.
Way to go :) Herb runs for sure. Shattered heart rocks are a very nice way to break monotony of skilling.

You can do it!

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