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Posted by IamTardis, 17 May 2016 · 9,905 views

Hi everyone!

It has been some time since I last scaped. Well, that's because I was in hospital because of a hernia. The hernia completely paralyzed my left foot so I went to a nursing home afterwards to get my left foot back. I had no computer at my hands there, but with all the exercises I didn't really have much time to miss the thing. Although I did miss my fellow hyters *stares at Witchy, Draggle, Sally, Draz and the others*

Anyway, I am well on my way back to health, but still don't feel a lot like scaping. I've been crocheting and shuttle tatting instead. That, and doing my exercises of course. I have to take a short walk at least every hour, and a long walk at least once every day. Usually I use the long walk to get my groceries. I use a cane for the short ones and am training at the moment to be able to do the short walk without any aid whatsoever. And I use a wanderer (is that the correct translation?) for the long walks. I could use a cane, but that wandererthing has a neat little basket on it, a perfect place for my groceries.

My endgoal is to be able to do everything without any walking aid whatsoever. Once I reach that goal, I can start thinking about re-learning to dance. Maybe I can start dancing even sooner. It would be a good training.

Downside of all that training and walking and execising my left foot/ankle is that my life has turned into a muscle ache hell. But it will be well worth it!

Hugs for everyone and I'll try to remember to drop by once a while in hyt chat,



Welcome back lass! I hope everything gets better quickly <3:

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