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Warmth, crawling hands, and pretzels!

Posted by Wiplayer , 13 October 2009 · 669 views

slayer drop crawling hand 1 picture
Today's "Greatness"
Haaaaiiii! Today isn't really worth mentioning but just for the sake of it I will go through my day. I got up at 7 AM, couldn't fall asleep, then I started working on my math's. Around 11 AM my dad came back with my breakfast - a pretzel with jalapeno cream cheese. This may sound horrible to you, but belive me, it's TASTY. =) I devoured my breakfast, then continued on my math's until 12. Then I started and finished my other school assignments. Now I am finishing up some extra math stuff that, well, let's just say it would be useful for this to be done. After that, at 8 PM I will watch NCIS and NCIS: LA tonight, which I am in a good mood about. In fact, I feel really weird lol. It's starting to get cold were I live so I have been running a portable heater all day in my room. It's toasty. A little too toasty for me wearing jeans, but that's life. I don't really care if I sweat or get too hot. I'd rather be sweating then cold. >_>

In RS, I have been training Slayer. I'm at level 48... I will stop and start doing other stuff once I reach 50. I'll probably pay Bork and the Giant Mole a visit when I'm done. While I was slaying, I did get a crawling hand as a drop from my Crawling hand task. I guess I will get it stuffed to spice up my currently bland house. Only like 37 Construction. =/

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Until tomorrow, 'ciao! <3
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