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Troacctid's RuneScape Blog


Entries in June 2017
25 Jun Local Blogger Resurfaces after Mysterious Disappearance 3 Comments
Entries in October 2013
10 Oct The News in Brief 5 Comments
Entries in May 2013
15 May The News in Brief 3 Comments
Entries in March 2013
13 Mar An important meeting for the Guardians of Guthix 1 Comments
06 Mar Breaking news: Guthix wakes, hits snooze button 4 Comments
Entries in November 2012
20 Nov Religious advocates call for the teaching of "alternatives" to Evolution of Combat 2 Comments
Entries in August 2012
08 Aug Varrock Herald pulls "Black and White" comic strip 2 Comments
Entries in May 2012
27 May 6 Reasons why Song from the Depths (and One Piercing Note) should have been F2P 5 Comments
04 May Buddy, can you spare some runes? 4 Comments
Entries in April 2012
26 Apr Rejected Fremennik Sagas 3 Comments
12 Apr Acme Toolkits, Inc. declares bankruptcy 2 Comments
01 Apr JagMotion: Exclusive advance review! 1 Comments
Entries in March 2012
28 Mar Morytania tourism board unveils new promotion: Free Pants 6 Comments
21 Mar Archers thrilled to finally be able to shoot people in head, legs, torso 4 Comments
14 Mar Settlement reached in Loyalty Programme religious discrimination suit 5 Comments
01 Mar YtHaar Hero III: Legend of (Obsidian) Rock 2 Comments
Entries in February 2012
24 Feb Also a blog 0 Comments
Entries in November 2011
08 Nov Troacctid Plugs: GrindScape, Googly Eyes, and Super Smash Land 0 Comments
Entries in October 2011
14 Oct Spontaneous firework attack shocks community 1 Comments
04 Oct Nature runes 5 Comments
Entries in September 2011
13 Sep Local player discovers it's actually spelled "Ectofuntus" 7 Comments
01 Sep High Stakes: 5 Facts About Branches of Darkmeyer 13 Comments
Entries in August 2011
29 Aug Ask Evil Chicken 2 Comments
02 Aug Ask a n00b 6 Comments
Entries in April 2011
20 Apr The Savvy 'Scaper's Guide To Becoming Fabulously Wealthy 9 Comments
13 Apr Dungeoneering Report Card: One Year Later 1 Comments
01 Apr Point-counterpoint: Inferno Adze 3 Comments
Entries in February 2011
17 Feb Other things I've been writing instead of this 0 Comments
Entries in January 2011
14 Jan Boots, or, Why DIY Makes You Poor 4 Comments
Entries in November 2010
16 Nov Frank is no longer allowed in Port Phasmatys. 7 Comments
09 Nov How am I supposed to kill you with this small pile of bones in the way? 7 Comments
08 Nov FunOrbers Wanted 1 Comments
Entries in October 2010
31 Oct Ask a Zombie 8 Comments
17 Oct On anti-junk 3 Comments
12 Oct Damnation! 0 Comments
Entries in September 2010
27 Sep Steel Dragons 3 Comments
21 Sep Ask Evil Dave 2 Comments
16 Sep Armed robbery doesn't work very well in Runescape. 13 Comments
11 Sep Point-counterpoint: The "N-word" 7 Comments
06 Sep Bonus xp weekend report 2 Comments
05 Sep Firemaking suggestion: FLAMING EQUIPMENT 0 Comments
03 Sep Bonus xp weekend pre-report 2 Comments
Entries in August 2010
31 Aug Point-counterpoint: What skill should I train to 99? 3 Comments
30 Aug Harpoon one, get one free 5 Comments
28 Aug How many n00bs does it take to change a lightbulb? 12 Comments
24 Aug Fishing Floccinaucinihilipilification, Part 2: Woodcutting 5 Comments
24 Aug Fishing Floccinaucinihilipilification 4 Comments
21 Aug Prices rise. Get over it. 2 Comments
20 Aug Point-counterpoint: Should the Zamorakians build an altar in Varrock? 8 Comments
14 Aug Is something wrong with the pathfinding? 10 Comments

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Troacctid began adventuring in Runescape in early 2007, and has since traveled all across Gielinor and accumulated healthy amounts of knowledge, wealth, and power. She enjoys undermining evil world-domination schemes, defending the innocent from oppression, wrestling sharks out of the water with her bare hands, and Magic: The Gathering. Her friends call her "Pi".

The name "troacctid" is an acronym for "The Ratio of A Circle's Circumference To Its Diameter" which of course is Pi. Hence the nickname.

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