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A pack yak for the pack rat!




So, the bonus xp weekend is over, and I did manage my big goal! After about an hour of play on friday I finally reached that elusive level 96 summoning \:D/ It's so awesome to finally be able to use that amazing familiar. So far I've only tested it on a trip to mith drags (had an assignment of 11), but it was wonderful not to have to leave a single mith bar or bury a single d-bone. Bring on the addy drags Jagex, I'm as ready as I'll ever be .


The rest of the weekend was pretty ramshackle. Didn't get another level, but I did get some xp in a couple of not-so-favorite skills. So I'm now 100K or less away from levels in ranged, construction, RC and hunter. All skills I rarely train :D


Yesterday I also did my first quest in ages. I'm not a big quest fan, but I did make myself run through the blood pact. And I was then promptly kidnapped by Crew to help them with fixing some images and getting some lunar scans. Well, as their quest guides and skill tips have helped me out on numerous occations, how could I resist. <3:


In RL this week has seen snowmageddon here in middle parts of Norway (probably elsewhere too, but I've only been here so.) I was starting to hope for spring. That should teach me a lesson. Aparently we're suppposed to get around 70cm this week. I'm pretty sure about half of that already has arrived. If I liked skiing I guess I would be extatic....



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Lol. Trust me. It gets old really quick imo. I'm just extremely happy I live in an apartementbuilding so that someone else has to shovel it all away from the driveway. What I wouldn't give to be on a tropical beach somewhere now.......

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