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The Tip It Times plus some other stuff

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It's been a while, Tip It.


So, those of you who have checked out the Times this week (this IS way late, i know) will have noticed the DYK article was submitted by yours truly. No, not that actor, me. I wasn't expecting my submission to actually be featured, but there you have it. :mrgreen:

Thanks to Racheya and all the other people who work to bring the Times out every week! \:D/


All right, so I'll give you an update on my activities, not that I'm doing any.(Geez, Jagex, would it have hurt to stick with the name, minigame?)

ATM I'm training slayer, and working through the slayer challenges. Right now, i'm just starting, and getting tasks from Turael. I am 56 slayer, but i just want to get his special task done. I just finished a short minotaur task (21) and ranging monkeys in the Ardougne Zoo. By the way, I may have gotten one of the rarest drops from a minotaur, a loop half a key. Seriously. What are the chances? :huh:


All right then, guys! I'll see you next time! B)



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