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Is something wrong with the pathfinding?

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I was doing the latest quest (I'll probably post a review of it at some point), and I noticed my character was having some trouble maneuvering around objects properly:




It was particularly pronounced during the barrel puzzle, but I've seen it elsewhere too. Anyone have any idea what's going on?

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It's just a problem with that quest, and that puzzle in particular.


As the barrels can mvoe around and are not stationary the path finder won;t automatically route around them. Instead it routes through them expecting them to move eventually much like monsters you can't walk through will (eg Brawlers in pc) after a while when it realises it isn't moving it re-routes.

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The lack of correct pathfinding plagues dungeoneering puzzles as well. (barrels, push statue, 5 statue)

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I'm pretty sure this happens with any movable NPC object.


By NPC I mean when right clicked the text is yellow.

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I believe it's the same problem as the barriers in CW, since they aren't there permanently the pathfinder doesn't register that they are there and just gets stuck trying to walk through it.

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WSAD > click-to-move. That would fix that right there.

This is actually the best argument I've heard for WASD controls. And I didn't even realize I was making it. =P~

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