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Bonus xp weekend report



Behold my xp gains!




As you can see, I did a lot of herblore, and I did, as planned, Go To Extremes.


Before the weekend started, I had about 3.5k super energies that I'd bought at a pretty good price. I think it was around here:




I tried to fruitfall for the papayas once the announcement came that there would be another bonus xp weekend, and I started bringing the fruit bat on farming runs and so on. But it was taking too long, so once papayas started to crash I just bought a bunch of them around 2.2k each.


After that, I thought I'd better get some supplies for extremes, since I knew I'd definitely be getting at least 88. Unfortunately, I had difficulty buying the base potions, so I decided to just use up my stock of irits, lantadymes, and kwuarms. I made them into unfinished potions, double-checked how many seconds I'd need, and topped up on limpwurt roots, blue dragon scales, phoenix feathers, dwarf weed, and avantoe to have enough. I also made sure to decant my super sets into 3-dose versions.


The night before the bonus xp, I did a quick back-of-the-envelope calculation in Google Docs to double-check the order I should make my potions and predict how much xp I was likely to get.




I logged in at Soul Wars bank (to keep random events from disrupting my well-laid plans) on Friday and started mixing up the spec restores. Once I could make extreme attacks with Greenman's Ale, I upgraded my stock of super attacks. Same with extreme strengths. After that, I went back to spec restores. When I ran out of those, I made my super antifires, then the rest of my extreme strengths, then the rest of my extreme attacks. As you can see above, I ended up overshooting my prediction. I'll blame that partly on a slight underestimation of my potion-making speed and partly on the extreme magic potions I mixed up with the ground mud runes from my last Living Rocks task once I hit 91. Sometimes it's good to be wrong. :thumbsup:


So now I have 91 herblore. Please feel free to contact me for all your starved or nourished herblore effigy needs! :shades:


After finishing my herblore, I went and did the circus. At some point I read on the General Discussion thread that I could get bonus xp for turning in curved/long bones, so I dumped my stock of them and gained a construction level. Then I wasn't really sure what to do.


I did a bit of hunter, catching a few butterflies, then getting bored and switching to penguins, then getting bored again and switching to implings (where, in one of my trips, I caught an unprecedented 10 zombie implings in a row).


I also did some agility, which is the same thing I did on the last bonus xp weekend when I wasn't sure what to do. Running laps is sort of my default fallback training method, I guess; it's easy to jump in and out of.


I thought I'd train magic a little, so I cast some superheats. I didn't have a lot of iron banked, so I ran out pretty quickly and had to mine more, which was okay because mining xp is good too, and I could superheat while I mined it without slowing down much anyway. But then I caved and bought some more. Pretty soon I got tired of moving my mouse down to hit the last few iron that are below the position of the superheat spell in my spellbook, so I filled those slots with coal instead and just made 3 steel and 18 iron bars per inventory. And you can see I gained a magic level and (almost) a smithing level. :-)


I trained my thieving towards the end with a little bit of blackjacking and pickpocketing, but not much.


I did eventually hit the ten-hour mark and went off to use up my charms. I used up all my blues and crimsons (including one embarrassing inventory where I accidentally made obsidian golems instead of lava titans, whoops :oops: ), but I ran out of bananas halfway through my greens and I neglected to buy swamp toads for my golds. It was pretty late at this point and it didn't look like I'd make it to 87 anyway, so I called it a night and went to brush my teeth.


All in all, I think I'd call it a successful BXPW.



In other news, check out my new outfit!




That's my approximation of the Red Wizard from Final Fantasy, which I recently started playing. Well, the GBA remake, anyway. I'm almost at the end; my party looks like this right now:




I also tried out a Black Mage outfit. I think I like the Red Wizard better, though.




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The reason you got more herb xp than expected was because you applied the average multiplier to all the potions, which underestimates the xp you get.


You make the higher xp potions with the highest multiplier. If you assume the average multiplier, you underestimate how much xp you get.

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The reason you got more herb xp than expected was because you applied the average multiplier to all the potions, which underestimates the xp you get.


You make the higher xp potions with the highest multiplier. If you assume the average multiplier, you underestimate how much xp you get.

Right, that too. :unsure:

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