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Archers thrilled to finally be able to shoot people in head, legs, torso



Edgeville, 3 Bennath 169


Rangers all over Gielinor rejoiced today with the release of Bakriminel bolts, which finally allow them to aim for the target's head, torso, or legs. Previously, it was only possible to aim for the target's feet or arms.


"Oh, yeah, I'm psyched," said R4ng3rno0b889, a local ranger. "Finally, I can aim for someone's torso! I've been trying to shoot their hands this whole time, and let me tell you, it's a right pain in the neck. This new way should be much easier."


Said a spokesman for the Ranging Guild, "This is genius! Shooting people in the head. I can't believe we never thought of that. And the torso! That must be so much easier to hit! Wow. Just wow."


The new aiming feature is only available when firing Bakriminel bolts. According to a press release by Mami Rimba, attempting to shoot someone in the head, legs, or torso is impossible with any normal ammo.


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So that's why ranged sucks!



Back when I was f2p (2006 or so) people (noobs) were saying one of the advantages of membership was being able to choose what you target... finally come true :D.

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