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Oh Parents, Part X (Smartphone Decisions to be Made!)




It's been ages since I've shared with you the silliness my parents seem to throw at me.


So Dad and I were talking about work (I start a new job fairly soon) while fixing the stove (one of the dials for the burner was broken), and the subject of phones came up. Now, sad to say my dad pays my phone bill for me because we're under a family plan, but I'm definitely going to be doing my part (finally whoohoo) to pay for the bill soon because of this. Again, this was all in Chinese translated into English.


Dad: So it looks like you're going to have to get an iPhone* soon.

Me: Uh, I guess. I mean, technically I could just get the internet on my current phone**, although it's a piece of cr-

Dad: Get the iPhone.

Me: Oh, okay. o.o


* - By iPhone he really means any kind of smartphone.

** - I currently use a Samsung Flight. It works... But unfortunately, it's reception strength is pretty poor compared to my old phones. Not to mention I've noticed it's been locking up when it comes to processing certain applications, even stuff that's already pre-built in. Ugh.


I used to use Sony Ericsson phones, but lately the models that have been coming around aren't too great or a bit out of my budget. :P


Now of course he didn't mean get the phone right away, but it's something I'm going to have to consider...


Considering my bad experience with Samsung so far, should I even consider getting a Samsung Galaxy S III, or should I just consider looking at the iPhone 4s or HTC X One? Or is there another phone in the market now I should consider saving up for? :D



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One X and SGS3 are great spec phones but massive screens. It's a shame that no manufacturer makes the high hardware specs with smaller screens anymore. Sony have recently split from Ericsson and their newer Xperia stuff looks quite nice. Have you considered the Galaxy Nexus, its a slightly smaller screen than SGS (but not much) but it's the pure Android experience without all the stupid Samsung TouchWiz or Sense UI elements lagging the phone. It will also be first phone to run Jelly Bean (Android 4.1).


Then there is of course the mystery of the iPhone 5. But you'll have to wait til september/october time for that.

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iPhone 5 is coming out within the next few months so if you can wait, I would. Then you can compare the iPhone 5 with all of the other phones. And let's be honest, there will be new phones from here until then. There might be one that you like more than any of these other phones.

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At the moment I'm leaning more for Android phones. Again, it's not a right away thing, but I do need to start budgeting if I plan on getting it probably next month ish. >.<

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Android is lovely, but keep in mind the SIII is H U G E. A buddy just bought one and for me (small hands, but still) it's pretty much a two hander for anything but carrying/talking. I personally prefer the 3.7"screens and I do have a sneaky feeling the bf has bought me a new phone for my birthday (suspicious looking box on the dining table). My initial guess is an HTC Rhyme. We'll see tomorrow.

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It depends how geeky you want to be with your phone. I have a HTC Desire which I rooted to install Gingerbread on it (my network operator refused to push out the update) but I'm leaning towards getting an iPhone as my next phone for simplicity. I already have an iPad and AppleTV and it would just be a lot more convenient to have the set. People can get quite emotive and argue about mobile operating systems but they all do pretty much the same thing and the same apps are available for most platforms.

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Yea, if I end up going with the SGSIII definitely getting a headset for that lol.


Thank for the input, everyone! :)

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What Peter said! Galaxy S3 is amazing! And for what it's worth, I also owned an iPhone before owning the Galaxy S3. I like the SGS3 so much more. And in general, I like how Android phones sync so well with all your Google stuff. So if you use GMail and other Google applications, Android is so much better. :P


I guess the only thing that might be an issue is the size. I personally LOVE the size and can't imagine using anything smaller now. But everyone is different. You'll definitely have to pick one up and decide for yourself.

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I currently have an iPhone, but if I were to get a android, I'd more then likely get a Nexus because they're built specially for the OS like an iPhone is for iOS. I don't think you could really go wrong with any phone though.

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Yep, got the Rhyme, and it's puuuurdyyyyy!!! And I also have to add, my buddy with the SGS III loves it dearly!

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Saw someone with a SGS3 last night at a gig and he was really fumbling with it trying to take a picture and dropped it twice (caught it once). Not sure if that was because of its size or just because he had butter fingers though.

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I was in your position a few weeks back. After having my awesome Sony Ericsson W995 for so long I decided to move to smartphone with touch screen...


Looked at iPhones, Sony Ericsson Experia S and the Samsung Galaxy S2 and 3.


Out of just pure brilliant reviews, opinions of friends, and ultimately a really good contract (24 months, 1000 minutes, 5000 texts as much data as I possibly want to use all for £27 a month) I went for the SGS2.


Also the new Android 4.0 system Ice Cream Sandwich makes the phone run so smooth and really is a "sweet treat" ahha.


Now if SGS3 is anything like it's predecessor you'll not go wrong at all with the phone. It is seriously amazing, quick, stylish, awesome and with a good camera to boot!

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Going with the Samsung Galaxy S3, meaning I'm going to have to either get bigger pockets in my pants, or learn to have a purse more often. D'oh. XD

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