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Armed With A Sandwich




Status: Level 91

Sanity: Happy New Years Eve Eve Lol

XP to next lvl: 608K

Agility Tickets: 283

1000 Tickets Reached- 10 MEGA TO THE EXTREME BOOYYAHH





Yes just when I thought the dreaded ceremonial sword task was behind me... I have another one...


this time......







Now because I've already done a task like this a couple of blogs ago I thought to myself...



How hard can it be? cere2_zps9ac61faf.png




SO! Armed with my killer sandwich of doom!



I start to embark on my old enemy!



*Cue Star wars music here!*




Ok here we go!!





Hmmm ok this looks a tad complicated but no worries I am in good spirits!





Now if I remember correctly if its 4 and above you have to hard hit.

And if its 3 you medium hit

2 or below soft or carefull



Oki oki I've got this I've got this!






Calm Amy its ok just do another one




Hmmm this one seem a bit easier I guess.




Wow I feel pretty proud of myself right now this is probs the closest I have ever got to not screwing it up... So I must get like...70% for that?









Could do better?.................. COULD DO BETTER!!!!!!!! cere10_zps18268c3f.png


Is this game literally! trying to take the piss! that was almost perfect! how the hell are you even meant to get a perfect sword when even if you hit hard! you can only hit 1! Unbelievable simply unbelievable!





You wait Egil! your time will come! Very SOOONN!


52%! Bellend > :-|



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I think this might be my favorite update of yours so far. It's your facial expressions that really sell it. :thumbsup:

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Haha I am known for doing funny facial expressions lol if you love the pictures, your'll be pissing yourself if I video taped it ha. My sandwich would be flying across my room ha x

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It's probably better to have lots of numbers one or two figures out, than have one or two numbers massively out (like the numbers at the tip of the sword, and the bottom left number). That's my experience anyway, and it's why I do the tip first, and once I'm +/-1 to the number needed, I move on to the next number. ;) Great blog post, though, really funny. :D

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Completed... a sword? As in perfection? Yeah, a couple of times from a couple daily challenges. If you're doing iron though, I reckon I've got a higher smithing level which improves the odds when you hard hit. :)

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