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Status: Level 92

Sanity: Happy...Must Be The Alcohol Still In My System

XP to next lvl: 535k

Agility Tickets: 350

1000 Tickets Reached- 11 MEGA TO THE EXTREME BOOYYAHH





Seeing as though I have not done this yet I thought I'd show my recent level up in Agility




Hallilouyah!! I must admit it felt like I was never gonna make it to 92 it took alot longer than my other levels.



Another Hallilouyah moment was that I got an Agility daily challenge! (Yes thats right luck must finally be on my side lol :P)

Strangely enough it was for the Advanced Gnome Stronghold Course.

For me it was a kinda wtf moment because to me that course is when you start out training agility, so I dunno when they added in the advanced course. Probs been there for ages but hey I don't keep track of everything ha




My favourite bit by far is when you have to swing from 2 bars to get to the other side. Thats pretty awesome 2bh.



It wasn't untill I looked this course up that I found out something really intriguing!




Hmmm interesting it better be like XP that I receive or something or i'll be pissed! > :-| And why are the Gnomes such arse holes aswell! I've not done anything to them....yet haha.



[bleep]'s of the Day


1. Talent Scout!: I mean seriously could my character be that stupid to fall for it each and every time!? Wish there was a another option to try and trick him...


Scout: " Look over there!"....







2. The Pit [bleep]s: I don't know about you but runescape like promotes gambling lol Thats not really a good message to bring to your audience lol







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Congrats on 92! Halfway there :)


and to the Gambling comment, three words... Squeal Of Fortune.

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Get my cape run around with it happy as larry lol


Then I'll get my mate to pick 3 more skills on pieces of paper for me to pick from lol

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