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While Guthix Snores



While still working on my quest cape for 2k13 I decided since 6 months free is 6 months, I'd take a break every now and again and play on Oldschool Runescape.


The idea of starting over and lack of feature suck. I'll get that out the way now. I have no levels so I can teleport ANYWHERE. I have no money so I can't buy ANYTHING. I'm weak, so monsters over level 2 can kill me. And I somehow have to complete quest, some of which rewards me with skill levels or items I could have used for said quest. I can't skip convo using the space bar, the screen is stuck on a small window, and curse word a censored so half of HYT chat looks like ************.


With that said, it is refreshing playing a simpler game and earn levels so quickly, even if I do have to DIY everything. So I decided to take those free 6 months and play two account. Big bear (EOC) will still be working to a quest cape. Little bear (OSRS) will probably be a 45 defense pure. Why? Well I decided I'd also trying this pking business.


Little Bear's First Quest




In other news


Bear Bear's GM quest 3!



Onwards to TWW!

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