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The fastest way is use Tirannwn quiver 4 teleport to Harmony pillars; or use Crystal teleport seed teleport to Meilyr Clan.


These creatures drops Blood necklace shard.


Sometimes a elite one will appear, it's better duo with others, otherwise avoid it.


Wear the best melee weapon and armor, pray deflect magic or soul split if needed, summon Steel Titan.


Bring infernal urn if you wish to train prayer, each urn will hold 18 tortured ashes.


It's safe to tank 3 at once.

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Hello guys! My experience with Tracky has flowed effortlessly. She is understanding and makes me feel comfortable expressing myself. This was my first time speaking to someone professionally, and I am grateful I took this step. Our timeline's didn't line up originally either, but she made time to accommodate me and fit me into her schedule anyway. Thankful for web link and for Tracky!

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