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The past three updates

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Remember all those little changes to the game that we all forget about, but couldn't live without if they suddenly disappeared? It's almost time for Thanksgiving, so to take note of what we take for granted, it's time for another installment of Upgrade Watch! Now with title banner!




See, cuz Burgh de Rott needs to be upgraded...right? ...Yeah...anyway, moving on.


October 26


The week of Halloween brought us Web of Shadows, a typical short-and-sweet holiday event with a cute toy as a reward--in this case, a new pet, Eek the Spider. The spiderweb cape is kind of lame, but Eek is fun. I'd say Halloween met expectations this year without exceeding them. More importantly, 26 October 2009 brought some important small changes to existing content.


  • Ex-members will now find that their smaller f2p banks can now distinguish between free and member's items, solving the long-running problem of having one's bank held hostage when a subscription ends! I have more than one friend who will gladly appreciate this fix, which was a long time coming and has now finally arrived. :thumbup:
  • The bank screen now resizes itself to fit your game window! Yes! :thumbup:
  • Potions can now be split from 4-dose into 3-dose by the herblore person in Nardah.
  • Pineapples and watermelons no longer have that annoying left-click "Eat" option that you can never use anyway.
  • Single items are no longer withdrawn from the Grand Exchange in note form by default.
  • The PvP drop system has been altered to reduce drops received from killing players that have recently killed you or vice-versa in order to reduce the use of "76king" system abuse.


November 09


This week's headline update was the expansion to Champion's Challenge, which gave us Banshee, Mummy, Aberrant Spectre, Leprechaun, and Gnome champions with which to tussle, as well as Banner Carrier imps to show off the champions we've defeated. This in itself qualifies as an upgrade. I approve of the Banshee and Spectre champions--if we're going to be killing thousands of monsters, the least Jagex can do is make them monsters with good drops, and these ghosts definitely have good drops. Mummies, eh, not quite so much, but they drop Ancient Staves, which isn't so bad I suppose. The Banner Carrier is a fine way to allow players to show off their achievement, elegantly solving what has widely been considered the greatest problem with Champion's Challenge. I approve. :thumbup:


This week also saw an unusually large number of bug fixes and other minor updates, so let's look through them:


  • Several new haircuts were added for both genders. They look pretty nice. For some reason, this was included in the headline alongside the Champion's Challenge update, though. :huh:
  • Vials, eyes of newt, raw bird meat, and empty baskets/sacks can now be bought in noted form via item packs. These items had been suffering from a shortage because of the recent shop update; now there's an oversupply because they're so easy to come by. A very significant update for the economy.
  • Falador Castle now has a prayer altar--useful for PvP and for f2p training, I suppose!
  • The gate at the Blast Furnace has been removed! :thumbup:
  • Price caps on bone bolts, mithril seeds, and white boots have been loosened.
  • Familiars are now allowed on balloons, canoes, and magic carpets! About time! :thumbup:
  • A new stepping stone has been placed in the eastern side of the river in Shilo Village, requiring 74 agility to traverse. :thumbup:
  • Slayer masters now have a right-click "Get task" option.
  • Items worth more than 500k now have a confirmation before you can alchemize them. That should save some headaches. :thumbup:
  • Slayer gems have a right-click option to check the number of kills left on your task, which can be used even during combat.
  • Plank make, Enchant, and Superheat spells can now be queued the same way as Alchs!
  • Gargoyles have a left-click option to smash them when they're at low HP! No luck on rock slugs and desert lizards though.
  • The Fairy Ring Log now has an auto-dial feature. Click on the entry in the log and it'll be dialed into the fairy ring for you.
  • There's now an extra ladder and doorway for getting into Yanille. I never bothered to find out exactly where they were placed, but I'm sure it's in a handy location. (Is it in the Watchtower or what?)
  • Lots and lots of bug fixes.


November 17


This week's headline update saw the release of some new high-level combat spells for the Modern spellbook, a change in the way magic boosts work, and a major change to the way multiple runes are crafted. There's plenty to say on those updates, but I don't feel like being the one to say it right now, so I'll leave that to others. 'Course, there's still the little things:


  • Extreme potions are now allowed once more in safe minigames such as Castle Wars. I honestly have no idea why they were banned from those places in the first place. I can see that they might have been overpowered in dangerous PvP, but safe minigames? Where's the harm, right?
  • Your run mode setting is now saved when you log off! YES! :thumbsup:
  • Ava's Device can be shown to Lanthus in order to add its effect to your cape while playing Castle Wars! :thumbup:
  • Bones to Peaches/Bananas now works on bones up to big bones, handy for people who like using B2P for food. I'm not one of those people, but I'm sure they're out there.
  • You can toggle Ava's Device's production of junk items now.
  • The Pharaoh's Sceptre now displays the number of charges in its name.


And that's your Upgrade Watch for the past month or so. Hopefully, your Runescape character will have no shortage of things to be thankful for this year!

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Basically it was all upgrades and no real new content. That's fine and all, but it gets rather tedious all these upgrades.

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