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The Fishing Guild and Some Other Levels

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Daily Briefing


Yesterday was a good day. Such a good day that I went to sleep bleary eyed and am now writing the blog post for that day at 6:27 in the morning. And guess what? It snowed! :thumbsup:


I started my day off with four games of stealing creation (one of the best minigames out there!) Having also attended a game with my clan the previous night I was able to purchase 5 morphic tools...I then went about using roughly one harpoon per level until the last level where I used two. For anyone who didn't just do the meager amount of mentally monotonous mathematics that means I got to lvl 70 fishing.


Actually, after the big fuss I made about how AWESOME Catherby is I went to the fishing guild and found it equally enjoyable. Perhaps I just like harpooning?


By the time i got 70 it was relatively late. I drove myself into the night cooking over 1000 fish in Catherby (I know it ain't that much). Soon I had 70 cooking.


To round off my day I went for my weekly tears run and got 61 construction. Now all my levels are 61+


Next skill...mining perhaps?


What I unlocked today


68 Fishing: The Fishing Guild


70 Fishing: I can now catch swordfish barbarian style. I can now catch leaping sturgeon (also a barbarian art).


70 Cooking: I can now make admiral pies (great...just after I finish fishing).


61 Construction: gilded benches, floor decoration (throne room), and incense burners.


Today's Pics



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I love this blog :) Great writing, nice pictures. Keep on the great writing, I quite enjoy reading this!

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