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Money, fishing, and headshots oh my!

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Today's "Greatness"

Well, I was woken up at 7 AM this morning by my father - it's trash day and I forgot to take 2 trash cans out. Then I couldn't fall back asleep so I stayed up at started working on my school day. (remember, I am homeschooled) I think that I went at a good pace. I made some nachos as a snack after lunch - *burp* they were good. :P I wonder if RS should have nachos? Who knows?


In RS, I have changed my fishing plan for this week - I will get 600 sharks, not 200 sharks to make a quick 1 mil to add to the 1 mil in my bank. It will save me from fishing for money for the next month hopefully. I tried out the photo booth today - as it also came out today. My picture turned out nicely. While fishing sharks today to make money (as I said above), I got to 77 Fishing. 19 more levels to go until I can fish Sharks with mah hands. =) Recently, when I was fishing sharks I caught one of those "Big sharks". I don't have the construction level to stuff it, so I'll high-alch it for a easy 3k.


After I make this mil, I will probably spend 500k on food, and the rest in my savings to buy a Dragon Platebody, and a decent cape. I plan on visiting the Giant Mole soon to make some quick gold (and for fun :P) I owe him a visit too.


Today's pictures [3 Pictures]


My photobooth photo...



77 Fishing



And the money I made from the Sharks in a few hours. I will update this until tomorrow every 200k I make. It's simple money honestly. :P




Until later.... 'ciao!

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Congratulations dude. I suggest you go fishing in the Fishing Guild?

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Congratulations dude. I suggest you go fishing in the Fishing Guild?


Yeah... I don't know why I am in Catherby. I prefer the Fishing Guild - less noobs there lol. I probably just wasn't thinking. I'm at the guild now though. And thanks.

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