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Family Guy

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Family Guy...


I watch it.

And it's not that bad, it's nice to have a laugh from time to time and relax a bit, certainly during exams.


But I can't figure out why some think it's the best out there (compared to South Park, The Simpsons, American Dad and Futurama).

Even though it's entertaining, it's annoying at the same time.


Pretty much every episode contains annoying fillers. Which are in my opinion, extremely annoying.

Cut them out and an episode will be 10-15 minutes long (or short).


It's funny once or twice, but some stuff just keeps repeating itself too much, it takes out the fun.


It's been a while since I saw American Dad, so I'm not too sure, but if I recall correctly, it doesn't contain the same amount of annoying fillers.

This makes it better, imo.

But I don't think it gives entirely the same laughs as Family Guy, still American Dad is slightly better, I think. Or perhaps the same, depends on the episode.



But I don't see how it can be any better than The Simpsons or Futurama.




The Simpsons is amazing (and the ratings prove it).

Futurama is amazing aswell, too bad there were only five seasons, but perhaps it's for the better.



Finally, there's South Park.




It's hard to compare it to any of the above series, but it sure is better than Family Guy imo.

Perhaps even the best of all five.

Not every episode is as awesome, but a lot sure are.

It's humour is on an entire different level than the other four series.



So, why is Family Guy the best out there?

After all, it's made by manatees.

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Recommended Comments

Because the humour is easy to understand. The jokes are short, quick and simple.


That being said, I have a somewhat love/hate relationship with Family Guy. I got put off it for a good 6+ months because some people at school (when I was still in High School) thought it was funny to repeat the same jokes over and over from it, so I just got sick of it.


I've never really bothered with South Park, though I have to say Futurama is the best, I just wish there was more of it.

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South Park is hit and miss, but when you get a good episode you'll never forget it.

Family guy and America Day are ok, but they repeat the same gags over and over and over. Half the them are seen in one shape or another on both programs which kills the edge.

Futurama is great, but the lack of episodes means you've likely seen each one half a dozen times.

Simpsons is interesting and strangely has vanished on a lot of channels.

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Family guy references quite alot of american pop culture from the 80s and 90s which people can relate too - and find funny.


It's the reason i own every season out on dvd.

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While the fillers are annoying, I find their social commentaries to be hilarious. I like all of the shows that you listed, but each in a different way (except American Dad).

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Family guy is simply funny. Everything the creators do is for the purpose of finding it funny, sure there are fillers galore, but even so the fillers themselves can be hilarious.

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Meh. I honestly think South Park is one of the worst shows of all time. Futurama is alright, and I never watch American Dad or The Simpsons. I do like Family Guy, though.

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