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  2. Yeah of course I remember you. Didn't you hang out with stinger and 6de6vil6? Friends with devinesaiyan too I think? We ran into each other a lot but we never fought or anything I don't believe. You were a cool guy. Rs is still the best game I ever played, I think it was the community that made it great. Even the annoying people made it fun, they probably made it the most fun actually, it was the best making whole pking clans leave the wilderness with just a couple friends. It was a great game, sad rs2 came out and pushed everyone away. Sooooo long ago, for real played this game on dial up at some point haha. Hope life is awesome for you!
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  6. William Hall


    Thanks for this helpful tutorial, I want to add that Tirannwn Quiver 4 is a reward from completing the Elite Tirannwn achievement given by players, Elen Anterth in the Max Guild Garden in Prifddinas. If you lose it, you can get it for free. This is an improved version of the Tirannwn 3 quiver. It is used in the ammo slot and gives a bonus to prayer 4. The quiver can store up to 20,000 ammunition of the same type. After death, ammo is not lost when the quiver is retained or removed. I learned this information from the posts on Instagram in which the authors share the secrets of the game in RuneScape. There you can find a lot of such posts and I noticed that on average they are published by accounts that have at least 22 thousand subscribers! I am sure this is because the owners of such accounts buy instagram followers to quickly increase the number of subscribers.
  7. William Hall


    Cool! Thanks.
  8. Hi everyone! We recently opened our own office and would like to install video cameras in this office that would last a long time to track the lateness of employees, and just buy cameras as part of security, so that we can have at least some information about bad things. I would like not to spend much on this case, but at the same time, the equipment should be of high quality. Colleagues recommend trying the devices of ajax, so I would like to find out from the real owners, is it as good as it is spoken of?
  9. Level 120 Construction 😎🏠 & I also have a video on @YouTube https://youtube.com/watch?v=wR6Rn2DX2hM [it was pretty laggy since I had a couple of RS clients Open, watching Zilandraa on @twitch & on @discord ] I mainly made Mahogany Tables & also used Medium lamps. I don't know how many Lamps I used but it would be nice to know.
  10. I was a member of another forum, unrelated to RS, which tried to consolidate into just 2 or 3 main discussion forms. I guess it kind of helped, but it still is on its way out
  11. Same, I log in here once a while, but not much talking is going on, mostly bots. I think they could have slowed the death of the forum by condensing the forum, but in the end it would have turned out the same as now I guess... I have been on the website crew for some time here, lots of good memories.
  12. atm used 1000 tokens and havent got the bronze defender around 175-200 kills
  13. Long time everyone, not sure if anyone remembers me. I think about the game time to time, great memories! Hope everyone is well and doing good in life! Take care!
  14. I was called frozen heart because I usually did not show any vivid emotions, I am not a fan of exposing my feelings to others. I cried once when we were told that my favorite astronomy teacher had died. He was a very bright person, a real fan of his subject. His classes were more like philosophy lessons. He opened a whole new world to us, but he always tried to discuss with us in general everything that happened in the world.
  15. Hey! My name is Slevin. Glad to be a part of this community!
  16. The National - Never Tear Us Apart
  17. very useful info, thank for sharing with us! krunker
  18. I read your post. It is very informative and helpful to me. I admire the message valuable information you provided in your article. Thank you for posting, again! friday night funkin
  19. Hah, just remembered my old password for this account, too. 2004 join date... don't know why it took me so long to join forums when I had already been playing for 3 years by then.
  20. It's been a while, DSM, Galiga and everyone else. Doubt anyone remembers me but I was Super Tonny/Dead Vegitto. It's hard to believe it's been nearly 20 years since I first joined RS, being a 12-year-old fat kid who had too much free time. This was the first game (MMORPG) I ever played and I was hooked. It's weird, yet nostalgic looking back now as a married man in his 30s. I hope everyone is doing well, especially during COVID times.
  21. Hey, Besty, how are you, bud? Hard to believe it's been 12 years since I was last here and nearly 20 since I joined this game. Time flies, man.
  22. eezadcvp

    first entry

    Nice to see you here! More than a week I've been suffering from stress that actually caused to anorexia. My cool therapist from this https://calmerry.com/ web company has chosen an individual program according my symptoms. We are still messaging sometimes, but I have already gained weight during the last 3 days!
  23. KasperDolberg


    Hello guys! My experience with Tracky has flowed effortlessly. She is understanding and makes me feel comfortable expressing myself. This was my first time speaking to someone professionally, and I am grateful I took this step. Our timeline's didn't line up originally either, but she made time to accommodate me and fit me into her schedule anyway. Thankful for web link and for Tracky!
  24. 21,227 Thanks for the post after 2 YEARS! Well Cindy got FIRED 2 Years ago right after I got my 5 Years Anniversary at the end of Feb 2014. I think she was Fired like 2 weeks after that. We have 3 quick carts now but 1 kind of doesn't work since the battery computer parts need to be replaced. They need to repair some buggies soon since we don't have a lot when it gets pretty busy.
  25. Ah man thanks! Yeah I just like to go for the Maximum Exp 🙂 Since it's the Maximum and way back when not a lot of people had 200M Exp so I just have been going for it on a couple of accounts. Here are some Trades for last week & showing how many I currently have! Zilandra Traded 100k Grapes & Jug of Waters in 1 Trade 🙂
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