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  3. If you guys don't remember, well, I was once a regular poster on this message board. And yeah how I acted in 2015 I completely realize now that it was unwarranted, and I would never act that way today. How much I tried to get pity was pathetic. Anyway, I don't play RuneScape anymore, I quit in 2019. The Smithing Rework update was so unbearable to me that I couldn't continue playing. Anyway I am thinking about making a video explaining my history on this message board. There is a lot to talk about, so I think it'd be an interesting video to make. How have you all been since I was here last time? Doing good? I'm doing great, I have a very successful YouTube career which I'm very damn proud of. And I don't go to the forum games anymore because I have outgrown them, don't think they're fun anymore, and yeah I also caused trouble there and I am sorry about that, I wouldn't do stuff like that anymore I learned my lesson. I hope you all are doing well, I'm done well myself.
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  5. long time no see, to any old friends that see this, contact me on twitter/IG lets connect again ❀️ @coines_ on both


    and if you're into hip-hop music, my full time job is now a&r + management for a super dope hip-hop artist, Student 1.Β  check us out below πŸ™‚Β 


  6. been going crazy good now man πŸ™‚ i dont use fb much anymore but i'm on twit/ig daily so hmu there fam 🀘 but yeah, our last album just surpassed 10mil streams across all platforms, kinda wild πŸ˜„ and our next album is being mixed and mastered by a Grammy winning engineer, releasing it in a couple of months here πŸ˜„ πŸ˜„ never woulda dreamed I'd be where we're at right now 😭 we're gonna be touring with a bigger artist in summer'22, i'll keep you posted on those dates mane maybe we'll have a show in ur city 🀩 hope y'all doing well ❀️❀️
  7. Wacom used to be the only real choice. They're still the best. If you want a nice and cheap go for Wacom Intuos or Wacom one . The competitors are seriously looking like very good alternatives nowadays. A few years back the alternatives were simply not good. I think the competition has gotten a lot better. It really depends on the size you're comfortable drawing. Large tablets aren't always better - I personally work best on medium sized ones. I'm currently using a XP-Pen Deco Mini7 drawing pad , might upgrade it one of these days to something that matches my screen aspect ratio again, but it's the right size for me. Using XP-Pen for simple tasks like retouching in photoshop and i love it, you don't have to stop there.
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  9. Hey Jacob, Feel free to check out The Clueless Adventurers πŸ˜„ Our RSOF recruitment thread can be found here: 93-94-545-66091637 Our main website can be found here: https://www.cluelessadventurers.com/
  10. im looking for a casual clan that is active and looking for new members. im working on skilling and questing and would love some buddies to help me along the way, as well as return the favor and help them as well. if your open to it, my name is OG B0NESCAPE, yes thats a zero in the second part. Thanks! Jacob
  11. is armor even used in whip stakes ? osrs
  12. Dsm!!! Yes I remember you well, how are ya?
  13. Hey! Yes I still have access to all my accounts, Ive started playing again πŸ™‚
  14. Yeah! it's good. " WhatsAppInstallings
  15. Pepsiguy


    Today I came back to check this place out I love you all, many Kisses 😘
  16. oliverbranson


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