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  2. When using QWERTY keywords, my typing speed is 150 words per minute with 90% accuracy.
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  4. i accidentally left the glider hanger too early and i cant get back. daero isnt at the bar and glough tells me to [bleep] off
  5. i accidentally left the glider hanger too early in monkey madness 1 and cant figure out how to get back. daero is no longer at the bar and glough tells me to [bleep] off.
  6. sheks


    Would it be possible to get an invite to the discord server?
  7. jonasdouglas


    Watching the NBA finals and just got done watching the bad batch season 1 episode 11
  8. Has anyone tried PieGP or a site that can help you guys with the game? Been trying to find a site where I can find and buy OSRS gold , If you have any other suggestions just leave em down below. thank you so muchh!
  9. Welcome to the community man! I hope you do enjoy your games at this point in time. There are not much many players since most of us have been playing this game for a long time but then it is no longer the one we get excited about for more and more days to come if you are keen too.
  10. I have seen one, that was named dragon slayer 2-4 despite the fact that there are no actual dragons in the game but yeah okay sure i will keep up with it as well. That has got to be the best one i heard in years at the very least if you are going to ask me about it man.
  11. We had a good run on this one man. Maybe it is really time for us to let go of this one and start getting on the move once more. After all, we are all going to get some time for our own works at this point and it is not forever that we can get going for it too.
  12. I like your pricing for this one man. I do hope that you get the best deals out there and one can say that this is really such a great way for me and you to get more silver ores as well. That might just seal the deal for all of us at the very least if you want it.
  13. Hello everyone. I need help with my laptop. I can't change the lock screen timeout in Windows10. Can anyone help in this regard? Any help will be appreciated.
  14. I'm super old school, probably log onto RS only a few times a year. Tip.it was always my preferred resource for information back in the day and the forum was home. I think all my historic posts have been wiped due to inactivity though.
  15. I think you need to try out some different tactics on this one. I mean you have to ask if this is one you need to push slowly or not right? I tried to work on it with the slow walks and then checking out the path first. That has been the way i worked out to make myself sure.
  16. This one is just straight random man, no one can get the best of this but you. This is why you need to get the job done and work it out at the very least. Some say that there is a way to calculate this one but I do doubt that it is possible at this point in time too.
  17. Well tekken is the best example for this one or any other racing games as well. You could have just tried it out at the very least and made a huge point in the long run. There has to be some changes and we all know how it is going to turn out as well. We have to make sure.
  18. William Hall


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  19. I'm currently messing around on rscrevolution As Killermandie if anyone wants to PM me.
  20. All pics beautiful and lovely clicks. Let see now Aerocity Escorts
  21. Well hey Kdog. Hope all is well in life bro. I know this post is over 10 years old now. But I was getting nostalgic the other night, and did some research on my username and this popped. So I thought I would clear the air. I never shared killer, with wsgb. I believe in 2002 I shared for a month with someone who lived in omaha like me. But he ended up making a post about it, and I quit for a few months ashamed haha.I think i just wanted him go level me up. But he ended up pking so I took it back... He got mad and made a post. I never used a bot or an "alternative client". I regularly took screen shots of my kills. Cheating in anyway in pking took the fun out of it. My "cheat" was jagex approved on there website sun java. It allowed me to jump when walking instead of just seemingly moving in one direction. The only down side is it froze alot. I never would want killer to be banned so I never took a risk on using bots. I played pretty clean, although towards the end I did pk with individuals(as did everybody) that could see someones ping to servers(which ruined pking when knowing If you did or didnt have catch). I never used that personally but I did use the individuals that did. I remember it was around the same time that you and dsm decided to turn on me. I ended up killing dsm which was always a fun memory. No hard feelings, it was good fun and there wasnt many fo fight towards the end. I think I was hurt at the time a little given how long I knew you for, and soul steel, but hey, Getting dustin after he did that eased any discomfort haha. Hope everythings going well in life. I'll always remember you telling me once that you'll " always play runescape even when you die you will come back to life as your character playing runescape." I have no idea why I remember that, but I knew you loved the whole game. Me I just liked pking, and i had a lot of good times with a lot of people like you. God bless Kenny.
  22. Coopermeyer


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  24. Bro Good times. Sir justin pokey. Wow memory lane
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