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  2. Ah man thanks! Yeah I just like to go for the Maximum Exp 🙂 Since it's the Maximum and way back when not a lot of people had 200M Exp so I just have been going for it on a couple of accounts. Here are some Trades for last week & showing how many I currently have! Zilandra Traded 100k Grapes & Jug of Waters in 1 Trade 🙂
  3. Discord: https://discord.gg/HVSsD4gCS4 Home World: 521 Clan Chat: Conflict PvM Forums: https://[LikelyScam]/m=forum/forums?320,321,248,66187662 Conflict PvM is a "Fresh Start" CC, We are a mature group of PvMers looking for like-minded individuals to create a thriving, active and most importantly a trusted community. If you think this sounds like something you're interested in and you want to join a clan where you can progress with a like-minded community then consider joining us. We have an active and friendly discord where we welcome all applicants and members alike. Here we also organise our bossing trips/raids trips and it's a good place to be for those who prefer a bit of social chat while scaping away. Are you looking to start bossing? - No worries we are here to help you and teach you. Are you already a "pro"? - We have plenty of them too, they just want to get on with it. We plan to stay as a smaller group and prioritise the friendship and respect, over numbers of inactive names on a clan list. Requirements for the clan Combat & Skills Requirements - 110 Combat - 70 Agility - 78 Herblore - 85 Range - 85 Magic 83 Construction would be advised but not necessary Gear Requirements - Full Void or Barrows - Bandos Godsword/Dragon Warhammer - Abyssal Whip - Torture Amulet - Necklace of Anguish - Occult Necklace - Tormented Bracelet - Avernic/Dragon Defender - Ava's assembler - Blowpipe - Trident of the Swamps - Fire cape/Infernal cape - Imbued magic cape - Barrows gloves Ironmen are allowed but MUST have a Requirements! However consideration are made so please reach out to a member of the staff team in discord. We have plenty of options for our members, we aim for quality within Conflict PvM, which allows us to grow and overall success. We aim for a moderate standard so we do encourage skilling. - Clan vs Clan events. - Boss of the week. -Bingo. -Chambers of Xeric. -Theatre of Blood. -Plus much more. If you would like to be apart of this Clan then we would like to hear from you. Happy Scaping.
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  6. I've started posting a bit recently on Runescape Community forums. Hopefully a few people might see me being active and start posting themselves. The forums do have high guest counts but how many of them are bots I don't know. I've been searching for the most active RuneScape forums and I decided to end up posting there instead. I will be sure to stick around here and have a look around. I remember using tipit in my younger days. It may have even been the first help website suggested to me in school. Although I never knew about the forums for some reason, which is a shame.
  7. RpgGamer


    Nice to see you you guys post again
  8. I made a tip.it account all the way back in 2006, and ironically this is my first post, so many years later. I remember logging into tip.it to read skilling and quest guides, and looking at achievement threads that folks posted. The forum, like the official RuneScape forum, might be "dying," but there are plenty of us who have fond memories of this place.
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  10. Welcome! And hello! Just getting back in myself.. happy grinding!
  11. Wasnt a massive user of these forums as a forum but more like as a site for help - its sad. Runescapecommunity also died off pretty much. They made a new forum that no 1 really uses anymore. Reddit changed everything. The hole world changed as a hole. I just played Runescape again for 2 weeks after a 7 year break, players are very anti social and the gameplay pretty much reminds me of playing mobile games, everyone is always in a hurry and nobody stops to talk or chat. Things change i hope you all are doing well!
  12. I agree. Reddit absolutely replaced traditional forums, but not only for RS, but other games I followed. It is just how things go. I just hope that tipit stays up for years to come.. Even if it is a ghost town
  13. ThomasMuller

    Kal'gerion demon

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  14. I suspect reddit has in part replaced the forum, but reddit does not offer the same sense of community and I feel it is more focus towards current topics and no topics last more than a few days.
  15. MaximusHighus

    Good day

    I am interested. I'm new to both the forum and the game, I don't really know the topic - but I really like to stand out. How would I pay you via paypal? Is the gold in the game (I'm just getting started and don't have much gold)
  16. damn you want to talk about nostalgia... randomly thought to check out tip,it then even further looking up some old pics and what not i may have posted, and photobucket went to shit apparently, because none of my pics on any thread are here... brought back some awesome memories re-reading everything and seeing this damn near brought a tear to my eye... everyone was so young back then now look at all of us, grown with kids of our own and lives... i wonder how many old school clan people from back then still play.... to say i miss it is an understatement!!! edit: to say i miss it AND THEM is an understatement
  17. Oddworld: Soulstorm IT'S SUPER I'm so into it. does anybody know anything about it?
  18. My character was Guado.. I actually quit when runescape 2 came out and gave all my stuff away..then my account got hacked by some jerk off sadly. it sucks how easy it was to hack accounts back in those days without authenicators
  19. My character was Guado.. I actually quit when runescape 2 came out and gave all of my party hats/halloween masks/santa hats/money/rune sets to Boy Wonder 1.. prob made him pretty rich because I had 100s of each haha. He used to be my body guard when i mined rune until i got 99 strength..i logged on a few times and messed around after that but eventually I lost my account to a hacker. It was hard for me to recover my account because I made it on AOl when i was a kid and they didnt have account authenticators back then and spent so long between my log ins.. I think the hacker might have even. eventually got my character banned but i dont know. I know they pretended to be me on some runescape forums . Good memories though
  20. Tesset


    Hey Albel! Long time no see! Really good to see you're doing well! Sounds like things are settling in for you, that's awesome to hear 🙂 That's an impressive beard, I think you might have Dax beat your most impressive beard from the LOTPW crew, lol
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  22. Glad to see some old faces come back from time to time.
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