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Bonez899's Content

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#5606092 Today...

Posted by Bonez899 on 27 March 2019 - 08:32 AM in Off-Topic

and I would walk 500 more

#5606039 Today...

Posted by Bonez899 on 17 March 2019 - 05:58 AM in Off-Topic

Can other commonwealth members be allowed to lurk?

#5605893 Today...

Posted by Bonez899 on 06 March 2019 - 03:48 PM in Off-Topic

I'd just clock out. It is illegal to ask for unpaid overtime here. Even when salaried, overtime has to be paid 1.5x.

We need a new labor movement. Everywhere should be like this. We have so many valuable unemployed workers, while the employed population is basically indentured servitude.
This is why I like shift work, you clock in at start time, clock out at finish, and anything extra is overtime and paid as such.

#5605815 Today...

Posted by Bonez899 on 26 February 2019 - 05:24 PM in Off-Topic

Happy birthday RPG and Hedgehog!

#5605796 Today...

Posted by Bonez899 on 25 February 2019 - 04:40 AM in Off-Topic

tif may die but ot is forever

True fact, we have taken measures to ensure this.

#5605707 Today...

Posted by Bonez899 on 16 February 2019 - 09:00 PM in Off-Topic

That's my biggest hate with cars. I have one, I'd argue that I truely need one, but if my car was to breakdown majorly I'd be screwed at the moment due to lack of funds.

#5605685 Today...

Posted by Bonez899 on 14 February 2019 - 07:26 PM in Off-Topic

Go to the audits tab in the dev tools and run an audit, on mobile and desktop, and it'll give you a list of everything you need to fix

Besides a few warnings I don't care about, all the mobile warnings are for a "mobile Chrome app" which my site is not.
Think it means for users viewing the site from Chrome app, when looking at it on my phone I can't see the slideshow image at the top, which isn't a big deal.

#5605633 Today...

Posted by Bonez899 on 09 February 2019 - 02:25 AM in Off-Topic

We all joined this forum when we were like 13, but now we're all in our mid twenties

Speak for yourself old geezer.

Young 20's crowd represent.