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Isloman's Content

There have been 24 items by Isloman (Search limited from 22-November 18)

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#2839703 *Delete Please*

Posted by Isloman on 09 July 2008 - 11:58 PM in General Guides

And since when were Unicorns "dangerous"?! :shock:


Since the time the human race developed a little thing called sarcasm... silly billy

#2832975 The Ultimate Aviansie Slaying Guide

Posted by Isloman on 08 July 2008 - 12:12 AM in General Guides

Id seen people saying that aviansies were a good place to make money, but until coming across this guide and trying it for myself... :shock:

so far ive killed 150, and im already 400k better off :thumbsup:

so cheers :D

#2746203 Small Summoning Tip

Posted by Isloman on 16 January 2008 - 11:13 PM in General Guides

You cant use Tears of Guthix to train it yet.

So youll be waiting a few weeks just for that to come available.

Its really easy to get 20 summoning, the charms from the quest get you to 18 as it is...

#2628655 newest bank;)

Posted by Isloman on 16 December 2007 - 01:04 AM in Achievements (Drops, Bank Pictures and Levels)

well if you read through the thread you'll see he actually explains how he got them... :wall:

#2612670 Stats and bank

Posted by Isloman on 11 December 2007 - 06:24 PM in Achievements (Drops, Bank Pictures and Levels)

i do use helm of neitiznot and rune def occasionaly, but i look cooler with d square and hood =P

thanks for your comments guys, much appreciated :P

#2609826 Stats and bank

Posted by Isloman on 11 December 2007 - 01:13 AM in Achievements (Drops, Bank Pictures and Levels)

I just reached 1600 Total Level today.

My Combat level is 96.

I've been playing RS for roughly a year and a half.

Posted Image

I have The Quest Cape =)

Posted Image

This is what i usually wear when I'm out and about.

Posted Image

..and this is a small bit of my bank. There isnt much in it at the moment, mostly skilling stuff, as I sold off a lot of my expensive stuff (Full Ahrims, Full Dharok) to invest in skilling..

Crafting, Herblore, Farming and Construction are expensive! :wall:

Posted Image

Those crystal bows are Full and 9/10 charges respectively =P

The yews and bow strings are enough to get me to 85 fletch, then I'll alch them with the nats (that i crafted myself =])

So yeh, thats it for now, I'd like to hear what you think =]

#2609797 newest bank;)

Posted by Isloman on 11 December 2007 - 01:06 AM in Achievements (Drops, Bank Pictures and Levels)

nice bank...

at first i sat there thinking...

why does it look like hes photoshopped his name into the top where it says bank of...

then i remembered thats cos it usually says bank of runescape lol

i was about to call it fake, but i shall hold my tongue :-# and concede you a 9.5/10.

9.5, because im jealous :P

#2555245 Just a few things on the new duel tournaments

Posted by Isloman on 25 November 2007 - 07:05 PM in Rants

This is in reply to your first point;

in a few weeks time this won't matter, because the rankings will have levelled out, and lvl 110s+ will all be ranked too high to take part in tournaments with the lower levels

#2448283 commedic/nasty names? how do you like em? read post first

Posted by Isloman on 25 October 2007 - 09:03 PM in Questionnaires

I just met someone with the name "Poo Skidmark" lol he's level 98! :shock:

surprised he still has it

I made an account called "Eatmypooplz", just because i was bored :anxious: - it got banned rofl

#2339811 What's the funniest runescape name, you've seen?

Posted by Isloman on 21 September 2007 - 12:15 PM in Questionnaires

i just saw a guy called "Pubick Hare" lol

he's lvl 93, im surprised his name hasnt been reported by now lol

#2333399 What's the funniest runescape name, you've seen?

Posted by Isloman on 19 September 2007 - 11:13 AM in Questionnaires


That one made me laugh so much =D>

Ive seen a few funny ones, but none so good that theyre worth mentioning lol

#2287701 Worst Clue Reward Ever? Post it here.

Posted by Isloman on 06 September 2007 - 05:59 PM in Achievements (Drops, Bank Pictures and Levels)


Posted Image

A level 2...

5 clues and i get.. that.

wonderful :cry:

#2273712 Tip.it Times Presents: Interview with Syzygy

Posted by Isloman on 02 September 2007 - 10:43 PM in General Discussion

I am actually in awe of that guy!

I have so much respect for the fact that he has the stats he does, and is still F2P...

he must have alot of restraint lol, to resist the temptation to sign up to members =D>

#2253210 Why Are Ring of Recoil's Hated?

Posted by Isloman on 28 August 2007 - 10:38 PM in General Discussion

Let me guess.. the people calling you noobs are pures right?

just a guess, but i wont be surprised if im right lol

Its the same thing with having def or prayer turned on...

"Def noob".. right, because i spent the time and effort to train a skill that makes me a noob?

Just ignore what they say, and be satisfied with the fact that they are admitting that you are too good for them. Cos in essence that is what they are saying.. by complaining about an extra 1 or 2 hits they are admitting to that they are having difficulty killing you lol

#2233657 Favorite Quest (Hot Topic Yay :D)

Posted by Isloman on 23 August 2007 - 09:56 PM in General Discussion

Cabin Fever was really fun, with the fighting the pirates part :D

I enjoyed Swan Song and Mourning's End Part 1, where you have to shoot the sheep with the bazooka hahaha

I only have 3 quests left to do :shock: :D

Just Darkness of Hallowvale, Fairytale Part 2 and Mourning's End Part 2..

Can't wait to get the quest cape, but I have to, cos im going to reading festival tommorow haha :boohoo:

#2224409 Knights Waves Training ground! made easy for lvl 100-

Posted by Isloman on 21 August 2007 - 02:27 PM in General Guides

I just did it, I'm only level 91.

I found it pretty easy up until Lancelot to be honest...

I managed to beat him with 10 hp to spare lol

The equipment i used was Dharok Plate, Legs and Helm, Power Ammy, Rune Defender, D Scim, DDS and Climbing Boots.

In my inventory i took 1 Super att, 1 Super Str, 4 Super Restores, and the rest i filled with Sharks.

I ran out of sharks fighting Lancelot, but managed to kill him with 10 hp left..

My Stats are 71 att, 77 Str, 70 Def and 74 hp.

If i could do it, i reckon any one higher than my level will have very little difficulty

#2138638 Awww? Poor gold farmer? [please lock]

Posted by Isloman on 30 July 2007 - 10:08 PM in General Discussion

They might not be able to make a living another way but I don't care about their sorry lives then, just go find another game to ruin, reform the government, find another job or whatever <.<

A little selfish, don't you think?

Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a job? Even in this country (UK) where there is very little unemployment, it is still very difficult to get a job. Imagine what its like in China, where there are over a billion people, and a limited number of jobs available. Some of these people have no option but to work in this industry...

#2138437 Will gold farmers, be the downfall of RuneScape?

Posted by Isloman on 30 July 2007 - 09:07 PM in General Discussion

I believe the problem of gold farmer is due to the ... staking and pking trend

When someone go pking, or staking, someone wins and someone loses. The winner is happy and go buy a phat. How about the loser? He've just loses millions of cash or items and cannot get it back because he isn't patient / don't even have enough non-combat skills to get the money back! (especially for pures, stakers,...) See the graveyard section and you will see people showing off winning millions worth of stakes, like ammy of fury, phats, santas, whips, and so on. pkers also need to take large amount of supplies to wilderness, and these are prone to losing, like stack of blood runes. Never will you get back even a single blood runes if you die.

So, this little selfish kids, googles and finds out the RWT websites, and buy them for several bucks (this is especially true for those rich kids, say those who get thousand dollars/euros a month for leisure uses) This is like adding oil to a fire, causing the problem burn like [bleep] and out of control

In conclusion, staking and pking is fueling the problem. However, I don't have any way to stop that without making those kids furious.

To be honest, it sounds like you're saying pures are to blame. And im inclined to believe you...

Pures are the source of so much agro within runescape. They moan endlessly whenever there is a great update that doesnt suit them (PC anyone?) and they only put time and effort into a small number of skills. It therefore stands to reason that they are the people most likely to risk their account being banned by buying cheap gp over the internet, as they will have not put much effort into their account and it will not be such a big deal for them to lose it...

#2135192 Question: Least-Admirable Skill Cape

Posted by Isloman on 30 July 2007 - 01:43 AM in General Discussion

I think that fletching and cooking capes are only really respectable if you have the wc and fishing capes (or at least have these lvls in the 90s) to back them up.. this way you can show that you have actually worked your [wagon] off to get to that level, rather than just buying your way there.. Im proud of the fact that the vast amount of skilling i have done in cooking and fletching have been a result of my working hard to train wc and fishing. If i had bought the supplies, i could have had both fletch and cooking at 99 2 months ago...

Id say a truly respectable cape to have would be the runecrafting cape.. the amount of runes you are required to craft to get to 99 is ridiculous, and is an achievement i hold in awe.

#2135160 Awww? Poor gold farmer? [please lock]

Posted by Isloman on 30 July 2007 - 01:30 AM in General Discussion

You seem to have incorrectly labelled gold farmers as macroers (as has been pointed out already), but as macroers is what you talked about first, this is what i want to address first.

I hate macroers so much. They take up space at training spots, the undercut your prices when selling raw materials, and the people behind them gain xp for very little work, while Im there for hours on end clicking away.

What annoys me even more though, is the fact that people seem to think we rely on them for the RS economy. Yes in a way this is true. If you are lazy and cannot be bothered to collect the materials yourself.

If macroers had never existed, prices would very likely be no different. Why? There would still be the vast numbers of materials, it would just take a little longer to gather them together to be sold in bulk. This is essentially what merchanters do. They are RS's wholesalers. They collect huge amounts of a certain good at a certain price, then add a profit mark-up for bulk amounts. If there weren't any macroers, this process of wholesale merchanting would still continue, albeit at a slower rate.

Therefore, i feel that there is no justification whatsoever for macroers existing in the RS economy..

Gold-farming however is a completly different matter... These are actual people who are playing the game so they can sell the gold they make for real world money.

This is where it gets difficult...

On one hand, I disagree with them doing this, as they are breaking the Real-World Trading rule, and are (or where) disrupting prices of items in game (remember sharks went down to 500gp?) etc, etc.

On the other hand... some of these people have no choice. It's either work in this industry, being paid (what seems to us) a measly wage to sit in front of a computer screen for 12 hours a day woodcutting or fishing or mining, or be unemployed an unable to enjoy a reasonable standard of living...

Who are we to complain about the price of a shark, when it makes no matter to us in our nice roomy houses with a fridge full of food, and a nice comfy bed to sleep in, whether we pay 500gp for a shark or 1000gp...? These people rely on people in western countries paying their £5 for a million gp, so that they can go home and have a full stomach and a comfortable bed to sleep in at the end of the day...

Maybe a few slight exaggerations there.. but you get the point..

At the end of the day, to us its just a game. If RS crashed overnight, we'd maybe get angry about it for a few hours... but life for us would move on.

Im still a bit undecided about where i stand on this issue of gold farmers.. but i know for a fact that macroers are definatly not a healthy element of this game, and are something I will be glad to be removed completly.

#2135057 Should Jagex make RS a one-server game?

Posted by Isloman on 30 July 2007 - 12:54 AM in General Discussion

I disagree with this idea, as the fact that you have the ability to server hop is (as far as i know) something that it is fairly unique to Runescape, and is something I am happy to see to continue.

I see what you mean however, when you say that by assigning players to a server you are forcing members of a server to cooperate with each other to create a community based within that server, thus reducing the amount of petty behaviour etc. To be honest, i feel this would not work, as the mentality of a the vast majority of players (in my experience) in Runescape is that number 1 comes first. No-one wants to waste time helping out the "st00p1d n0013s" who genuinely need help and are not being lazy. Sure, there used to be an amazingly tight community within RS, but that was due to the fact that the majority of players were mature adolescents or adults, not the general demographic of players we see in RS today (10-14 years old), who are yet to develop the maturity required to fit in with a community where people are willing to help each other out etc..

I, like many other players within RS already stick to one world whenever playing (I like to frequent world 23), and because of this, i regularly bump into several well known players on those servers (tufftypower, J Mez and G 1 G G 5 to name a few). People like this have chosen to conduct the vast majority of their training on these worlds, and that is their choice, but i feel it would be unfair to confine people to worlds, especially as this would very likely disrupt communities that have already formed within worlds. People who have been playing in the same world for 3 years or so, and were familiar with most of the regulars on that server would suddenly find themselves not knowing anyone at all, and could possibly end up in a world where they are the only mature person over the age of 16 on the entire server (a bit extreme but you get my point), which would be extremely frustrating and could completly ruin the gaming experience for that person..

Your idea is a good one, but unfortunatly, it just wouldnt work.. There would be absolute uproar if Jagex ever tried to implement this, and would kill the game completly.

RS has worked fine for the last couple of years operating over many servers, there would be no point changing the system now. [/i]

#2114877 Worst Clue Reward Ever? Post it here.

Posted by Isloman on 24 July 2007 - 11:05 PM in Achievements (Drops, Bank Pictures and Levels)

I followed like 6 clues and this is what i get from a lvl1? :x :shock:

Posted Image

#2114836 Are YOU letting runescape control YOU?

Posted by Isloman on 24 July 2007 - 10:55 PM in General Discussion

I play RS alot.. like sometimes 10 hours a day.. and I'm not even joking.. but the only times i play for that long is when i have nothing at all planned.. so instead of sitting around watching movies all day or something i play RS =)

Mondays and Fridays are the worst.. I get up at like 11 or something, play RS until around 4.30, go to work (I work in Sainsbury's :P ) for 4 hours, come home at 9.30 and play RS until about 12 at night lol

I never really play on saturdays or wednsdays, as Saturdays I like to go hang out with various social groups and wednsdays is Orange Wednsdays at Odeon, so i like to take my gf to see movies :lol:

although lately I havnt had much time to, as Ive been going out alot and spending loads of time with my gf. So im not a complete loser lol

#2083674 17 July 2007 - Pest Control update and Game Improvements

Posted by Isloman on 17 July 2007 - 01:11 PM in General Discussion

hahaha nearly all the people who are moaning on the rants page have something like "PK" "0wnz" or "Pur3" in their name. It's seems to be very clear that pures are really the only people who have a major problem with this update.

However the one thing i really don't like with this update so far is the fact that the order the portals unshield in is random.. I would like it a lot more if they unshielded in the same order in every game, so that everyone could move to the portal just before it unshields..

When i tried pc out earlier, everyone took so long to work out which portals to attack the knight died before the 4th portal had even unshielded lol

ah well, i only really used pc to train ranged from 65 to 70, and ive done that so it doesnt matter that much to me :<img src=:' />