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#4369275 Martial Arts

Posted by P_Eburne on 02 July 2010 - 05:16 PM in RuneScape Suggestions

I had this idea a long time ago but I never got around to writing it down so here it is.

~ Martial Arts ~

The idea is that by combing agility and combat you could make your runescape character do martial arts, doing martial arts would give different effects for example a kick in the groin could result in a two second bind
Posted Image
Pictured above, a kick in the groin
or a swipe could have the same effect as the dragon/zamarokian spear.

Either way more complex moves will require a higher agility level (or take up more energy?)

Some moves could include a
Double Kick
Double Punch
Flip kick
Matrix dodge

And level 99 should have something which has a huge effect but I can't suggest anything at the moment.

I think this could replace prayer, I don't mean get rid of prayer I mean a person would have the option to switch agility with prayer if they talk to martial arts teachers (like how magic can be changed)

Posted Image
so basically, this would be just like the circus interface but you would be allowed to walk around with it.

Posted Image

I have written so little so all you can play around with this and see what you'd like to do with it, personally I feel that it needs a lot of tweaking to work but would make combat a lot more fun then simply clicking.

I love this idea! You have to send it to Jagex!

#4369249 Is Jagex Admitting a Mistake

Posted by P_Eburne on 02 July 2010 - 04:54 PM in RuneScape Classic

Just logging into my old high 40s Classic account, and I noticed this.

Posted Image

From how they phrased it, it almost seems like its an admission that they've make the game worse.

Idk, maybe I'm just noticing random things, but does anyone else see this as an admsision that Classic PK>Now?

I agree with you. It does look like Jagex are admitting that the old wilderness and pking was better in Runescape Classic. However, if you have been to the Classic wilderness, you will probably notice that it is always full of people pking each other. I think that the old wilderness was far too risky, even if you are a high combat level (say, 100 or so).
Therefore, I conclude that Jagex have degraded the wilderness to make it more accessible for low level players. It also allows for quests to be held in the wilderness. I do sort of miss the old wilderness though.