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#2918288 Tip.it P2P Hi-score List

Posted by rft on 06 August 2008 - 08:08 PM in General Discussion

count me in!

curanir1 - P2P

#2766086 Slayer points

Posted by rft on 15 June 2008 - 03:35 PM in General Discussion

i hate it when people say "i use duradel still, sumona gives less points"

they dont realise that sumona gives no really bad tasks, and less monsters....

(and shes like 10 steps from the house portal :D )

agree with that completely. I am just using sumona all the time (will swop to duradel every 10 tasks). Yes, tasks are shorter and you get less points, but so much better than having to spend points on skipping tasks regularly with Duradel. I really like this new slayer master, my only bad task so far has been a pile of turoths, but I can handle the odd bad task from her. Not even sure that I can find 4 tasks from her that I want to never have again... I might even get my house changed, or simply get the slayer rings instead as I wont be spending all my points on swopping tasks.

#2744939 gp per xp of all fam: the shards or "splinters" of summoning

Posted by rft on 16 January 2008 - 04:42 PM in General Discussion

this is an incredibly useful thread, good job! it does indeed go to show that there is cheaper xp at higher levels, particularly the monsters that only cost 1 shard each

#2744400 Charm droppers

Posted by rft on 16 January 2008 - 12:01 PM in General Discussion

ive killed bloods, infernals, nechs and abarrents since the update came out.

they all drop charms, some more than others:

bloodvelds = mostly green

nechs=mostly crimson

infernals=mostly gold

abarrents=no obvious majority drop

#2741924 15 January 2008 - Summoning!

Posted by rft on 15 January 2008 - 06:20 PM in General Discussion

this is going to be a really tricky skill to level, for the following reasons:

1) best xp is from making pouches. get 0.1 xp for summoning a familiar. Familiars can't be used in the slayer tower, where I pretty much live :(

2) shards are expensive at 50ea.

3) charms are hard to get. been killing bloodvelds a lot recently, very low rate of charm dropping, and they only drop one at a time. to get a high level, you need a lot of charms, which seem pretty hard to get hold of. Might try metal dragon slaying for more.

4) also, scroll bar on the skills interface=lame

gonna be hard even to get this skill to 50. Looks like my tears of guthix isnt going to be going on prayer anymore :( (as soon as juna allows it)

#2737816 Player count gone down?

Posted by rft on 14 January 2008 - 02:28 PM in General Discussion

could be loads of reasons:

1) fewer bots due to trade restrictions

2) people quitting from aforementioned updates, esp people with pures

3) its the start of term, so more people at school, doing homework etc instead of sitting inside playing rs

#2737805 Achievement Diaries: More coming soon...

Posted by rft on 14 January 2008 - 02:23 PM in General Discussion

I'd love to have one for Morytania, but it wasn't even a choice in the poll :(

i reckon that they have more updates planned in that area, that could potentially be in a diary, so they didn't want to develop one for there just yet. e.g. craft a blood rune...? But I would have voted for morytania if there had been an option.

#2607798 10 December 2007 - ALL Updates!

Posted by rft on 10 December 2007 - 04:10 PM in General Discussion

ouch! This is a pretty heavy update, and although I suspected that this eventually would happen, I didn't think that it would be like this.

Generally, I do not mind the update too much. RWT was a problem which clearly required drastic measures to solve, including how the wilderness worked (otherwise people would just die to trade their gold). However the things that do annoy me are:

1) monster killing;giving money/items to friends;3k trade limit. The incentive for going to DK's/KQ/GWD etc are almost nothing now. Your friends can't pick up your gear and you have to go all the way back to get your own stuff and you cannot split the financial reward from an item. I really hope that this changes soon (but I cannot think how this might happen under the current system).

2) This is also the end of free trading. Let us say that a new weapon comes onto the market. How much does it sell for? Who decides the prices? At least there were forums to auction stuff before until the prices stabilize. Now Jagex has to define a trade price for that item before they release it otherwise noone will be able to sell it (due to the 3k trade limit), and pretty much all trades will have to go through the GE.

3) all rares will have to go through the GE. At least the limit is +/- 5% not +/- 3k.

I think that it is a shame the actions that they have had to take, but the fault lies with the people who buy in-game money, and the bots, rather than the company itself.

#2561343 A little step for jagex, a large stap for runescape

Posted by rft on 27 November 2007 - 12:43 PM in RuneScape Suggestions

the point of boxing stuff is for convenient trading of full armour sets. As most random event stuff is non tradeable, then there is no need to box them. Members have costume space in their costume rooms for random event gear. For f2p, the GE is a massive update, but they still want to encourage people to be members, so giving extra bank space/boxing ability is not likely to be high on their priority list.

#2546586 Good and the worst updates from 2007?

Posted by rft on 23 November 2007 - 01:35 PM in General Discussion

In no real order


Making some items untradeable - like the leaf bladed spear and stopping a load of scams.

Experience remaining - handy, removed having to look up what I needed on a calculator

Neitiznot Helm - an excellent piece of armour

Bandos armour - nuff said

Dragon boots - Great

Sara sword - Interesting weapon once I can get my hands on it

Dragonfire Shield - it came out of nowhere and it was awesome

Barrelchest Anchor - Fun and strong

Good plot developments in Quests - it's one of the most important things for me

Barbarian Assualt - Zerker gear is always good.

Ava Accumulator - handy for picking up arrows for you

Lumberjack Outfit - it looks cool

Updated Trawler - Finally it's worthwhile

World Switcher - Simple but loveable

Easter and Egg Bowling :)

The uncensoring of g'day! - Yay!

Achievement Diary's - A decent, new challenge

Dream Mentor - A quest that started making the Quest cape more respectable

The Dark Bow - Ranger's finally have their K.O weapon

Mith Dragons - A tough little customer

Dragon Full Helm - Always nice to come closer to finishing up the dragon collection

Themed Worlds - Finally mini-games get attention!

Shop update - personally I love infinite stock of runes and various other stuff.

Jade vine - A new way of getting farming experience. A godsend for me.

ZMI altar - A faster method of getting runecrafting exp is good for me


Wilderness Ditch - It was meant to stop luring? No.

People whining over every update - every single update, most of the times, completely unnecessary

The Tower of life - boring much?

Jewellery update - just wasn't as good as it could of been

Hasta's - woo, how lame!

Impetuous Impulses - Caused hassle for getting my Hunter level up because of tons of people aiming for level 83. And in the end, the loot isn't all that great. And my own complaint, I've never even seen a Dragon Impling <.<

Duel Arena Update - I don't bother but I do understand it's struck a nerve in a few people.

Pest Control update - personally I hate how Jagex have messed it up for Rangers and Magers

Slayer Monsters - A vast majority of the ones from this year are just a hindrance for assignments and just not worthwhile in the slightest.

Assit system - Good for stopping scamming, but it just doesnt seem quite right to me.

The agility icon - lol

Wow... that are some good points, i agree with almost all of them :thumbsup:

+1 - darkjab has hit the nail on the head for me. In particular, the addition of slayer monsters has generally been a hinderance to doing slayer as lots more annoying monsters have been added, in particular, warped terrorbirds and warped tortoises.

The only addition that I would make is the two achievement diaries. These were pretty great, in particular, Varrock was miles better than I thought that it would be. The karamja gloves= awesome for getting to slayer master fast, and varrock armour=great for getting battlestaves+mining high level ores.

All in all, I think that it has been a pretty good year. I'll reserve judgement on the duel arena update until I try the tournament aspect of it, but the staking limit is pretty lamentable.

#2536993 20 November 2007 - Duel Arena Tournaments and Changes

Posted by rft on 20 November 2007 - 07:29 PM in General Discussion

if jagex say its to stop drop traders im sure they can recognise this

lvl 50 stakes 10M

lvl 10 stakes nothing

lvl 50 has auto off and no armour

lvl 10 is got everything as high as he can wear

there not that thick are they

Well I didn't even think of the duel arena being a sneaky way to RW trade until this update came out.

However, I suspect that it may be more cleverly done than what you suggest.

lvl 50 stakes 1M

lvl 10 stakes 1M (could be any level player)

lvl 50 has auto off and no armour

lvl 10 is got everything as high as he can wear

level 50 has auto retal off and loses, trade complete! Now that is going to be much harder to detect.

Also, I am not a staker in any way whatsoever, but it is clear that the cap is way too low. I liked the look of this update apart from that. If the cap was raised to 100k per hour (as suggested previously) then it would take 2.5 hours to trade 1M through this system. The RL traders may just risk a normal trade and hope they don't get caught. At least 100k is a decent stake and people can stake rune items that way. 3K barely covers most mithril items.

I really hope that they rethink the stake cap to something sensible. 3K is lamentable!

#2520022 Grand Exchange: Your thoughts?

Posted by rft on 15 November 2007 - 12:47 PM in General Discussion

really good thread to read. Long, yes, but highly interesting. I agree with the points that you make, the one thing that you don't really discuss is the effect of people trying to monopolize a particular market. Trying to corner the natures market for example is going to be extremely difficult as there is always going to be a huge supply coming in from runecrafters. Merchanters who try this may find themselves making a big loss, unless they find a good item to try and get monopoly on.

#2510561 Land of the Goblins, Assist System and Skill interface

Posted by rft on 12 November 2007 - 05:00 PM in General Discussion

Any ideas why Jagex chose to use commas to separate the xp instead of periods (full stops)? IIRC periods are used in the UK (or maybe only England) where Jagex is based. Does anyone have thoughts on the issue?

I live in england and in the 10 or so years ive done mathematics ive never seen anyone use full stops to seperate numbers instead of commas.

I'll agree with that. Ive lived in England for my entire life, and am finishing a PhD in Physics, and I have never seen anyone use full stops to separate numbers. Given that full stops are effectively a decimal point, that would be incredibly confusing.

Look forward to doing the quest, even if it is just to get back my cape. Nice update with the assist, good to hear that they listen to players. Although, who would really stand there while someone else gets a full inv of sharks?

#2490976 100m Total

Posted by rft on 07 November 2007 - 12:11 AM in Achievements (Drops, Bank Pictures and Levels)

yeah well done on yout stats, they are very pretty. despite me being 80 levels higher than you, you still have about 30mil more xp than me so very nicely done. 10/10, keep up the skilling!

#2485791 its about time i got...

Posted by rft on 05 November 2007 - 12:51 PM in Achievements (Drops, Bank Pictures and Levels)

best of luck, you are not far from that goal. Tears of guthix is your friend too :) I make sure that I am there every week getting my free 6-8k xp in my lowest skill (currently prayer). Good luck in your goals.

#2485786 bank pic

Posted by rft on 05 November 2007 - 12:49 PM in Achievements (Drops, Bank Pictures and Levels)

yes this is a very nice bank. I notice all the rune items that you have, bet you got a lot of them from treasure trails and general slaying :) Good luck getting up to 100 rune full helms (I alched mine when I got to 100 for a nice bit of cash). Generally pretty sound bank, lots of nice gear, keep up the good work!

9/10 (always room for improvement)

#2485767 [delete]

Posted by rft on 05 November 2007 - 12:40 PM in Rants

I think that you should really stop posting. You have already had one post locked for spam, and this isn't much better. Try and make your posts make sense and I am pretty sure that Omali wasn't supporting your thread. Neither am I in fact, as you have come up with a pretty baseless argument.

Go back to the RSOF if you are gonna keep on making threads like this.

#2473098 So...they're finally listening...

Posted by rft on 01 November 2007 - 11:50 PM in General Discussion

They have always been listening. Things take time to develope though. One mistake and they could literally, irriversible ruin the game. Big things have to be taken slow. So you had to wait? Well just be glad they toke their time and did a good job instead of ruining the entire game.

There's been a change, trust me. I know it takes time blah blah blah. I'm saying %100 of their updates have been useful and taken directly from the players. Look at march 2006...who the heck uses or wants temple trekking?

^Erm, I do. TT is a great minigame. Good for large quantities of coal, iron, pure ess, watermelon, bowstrings and good for lumberjack gear. I quite enjoy that minigame.

On topic though, I agree with some of the above posters. Jagex have been listening for a while and have come up with some really good updates catering for both high and low levels. And I am looking forward to this next month + the secret big update... :)

#2471401 Behind the Scenes - November Edition

Posted by rft on 01 November 2007 - 04:31 PM in General Discussion

I'm looking forward to this month too. It looks like they are concentrating on the HAM storyline at the moment. I hope that when they have finished, they will get back to the Myreque and dwarf quests (my favourite).

The auction house looks great, good opportunity to get rid of some of my extra treasure trail gear, and sell some of the junk that I am not keen on dropping.

I have to say that I am looking forward to the big update. It looks like it will be released in the New Year (most likely) and I reckon that it will be a new skill. It could be a new minigame or area, but I don't think that they would describe it as such if it was one of those.

all in all, looks like a good month. I wonder what the guaranteed content poll will be? Hope that we get to vote for Fremennik area for achievement diary this time....

#2450205 How to successfully grow a fruit tree? </3 farming

Posted by rft on 26 October 2007 - 12:05 PM in Help and Advice

Incidentally, you wont be able to do the varrock achievement diary until y ou have 73 farming :(

Why is that?

If I remember right, you need to pick poison ivy off the bush that you planted next to champs guild, so need 70 farming for that (yeah i was talking rubbish about needing 73), or less with a pie.

and ^^ you dont need supercompost or compost as your farmer will always make sure that your crop survives.

#2450178 Hot Air Balloon Travel

Posted by rft on 26 October 2007 - 11:55 AM in Help and Advice

if I recall you need 10 willow logs (i take 20 in case of messing up) and a tinderbox. Talk to the dude on entrana (west side) and you will then do the minigame. It might take a couple of goes (it did for me). Best of luck.

For further advice, read the quest guide relating to that quest or the getting around guide stated above.

#2450172 How to successfully grow a fruit tree? </3 farming

Posted by rft on 26 October 2007 - 11:50 AM in Help and Advice

lol, farming is a great skill.

OK, here's how it works. Go to a farming shop and buy a plant pot (with soil in) a spade, trowel and watering can. With all that in your inv, use your seed on the plant pot and water it. After a minute or so, it will become a sapling and ready to plant in your patch.

Get yourself a rake and head over to the farming patch of choice and remove the weeds. Once they have been removed, use the sapling on the patch. Then talk to the nearby farmer (or 'right-click' pay him) 9 sweetcorn.

Leave it for about a day or so until your tree has grown to fruition. It will never die if the farmer is looking after it, and it will grow even when you are logged off. When it is grown, simply check its health and that will be your task complete.

Incidentally, you wont be able to do the varrock achievement diary until y ou have 73 farming :(

#2446800 The new 30 Second Dieing to monsters thing.

Posted by rft on 25 October 2007 - 11:45 AM in Rants

well i see this update as a positive thing. Anything that makes the game harder or more dangerous can only be a good thing. I'm glad that there is an element of danger involved in going to the KQ or DK etc. It also makes dharoking pretty cool too for places like the giant mole as you can get your stuff back before any looters get there if your respawn point is fally.

#2443701 The highest ranked people with NO 99's!!

Posted by rft on 24 October 2007 - 01:37 PM in General Discussion

1902 total. highest 94 for me (curanir1). Going for the grand 2000 total with no 99's.....

Add me on that list

#2438038 When people say cannon loses points in BA!!~

Posted by rft on 22 October 2007 - 09:57 PM in Rants

good job killer :) ^^

it winds me up no end too. It is especially the people who tell you to read the manual or something. It's just like the old PC rumour that using specials on portals gives more spinners. Some idiot just started the rumour and now almost everyone on w6 believes it. It is really frustrating and I dont want to play BA much anymore