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  1. That problem is wage growth vs inflation. Our parents (and their parents, to a degree) had higher wages relative to cost of living than we do for the most part. Also houses were a lot smaller and more basic. Although my mom lived in a house where my grandparents paid like $60/month mortgage, the house is smaller than the one I live in now (it was under 1,000 square feet; my home is about 900 sq/feet) and didn't have central heating/cooling, etc. They don't build houses like that anymore ("starter houses" is what they were called?), plus with real estate being seen as an investment, prices are higher. This is a different problem than wage growth. <socialist> The bourgeoisie are stealing pocketing the increases in our increased productivity because they're getting greedier and greedier. This is unsustainable! To the gulags! </socialist>
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