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    A Cup of You She whistles to you, you run and pick her up. Alone at last, this time no one will interrupt. Pull her close by the arm, or hold her with both hands. Causing no harm, being as gentle as you can. Bring her mouth to yours, a warm kiss on your lips. Just as you remember, as sweet as you could wish. The taste of your memories, feeling at peace. Her faint aroma, your secret stress relief. Life's about the little moments, the time spent with you. So put on the kettle, and make a cup of tea for two. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Here's a quick poem I put together an hour ago for my girlfriend for her birthday. She has a real thing for tea, but I wanted to make it sound like I was talking about her as well. Bought her a Lulu Lemon sweater for her birthday alongside some of her favourite tea. Hopefully she won't beat me.
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