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    It's 2014. I wanted to wait a week or two, but Erika had other ideas. So here it is, season 2 of Pokemon Vietnamese Crystal. Wherein Alg explores Kanto, wins eight more BUDGES, and finally, earns the title of "[wagon]". And worst of all, I'm on my own [spoiler=I'M ON A BOAT] I start the season in the same spot as I started the last one. My house. Except that the call knows where I live. Back to work... It's literally 10 feet from my house. He could have come in person. Yaay, presents! Oh. I get the feeling he's just trying to get rid of me. I'm the SUCCESSOR OF ELF, for god's sake, not some errand girl. [bleep] all of this, I'm done. Wait, what? Bribery! [bleep] yeah! As every 10 year old knows, this is useful for catching shinies that know selfdestruct or that run away legendaries. I'm sold, which way is Guandong? Of course, it wasn't long before the plot happened. An uncle lost a granddaughter on a ship. This is the beginning of every SAT question ever. I asked him for more advice: what does this girl look like, where was she last seen- Oh. Helpful. I was distracted by the fact that there were other coaches on board. Free experience is always a good thing. Plus, I get my own room! I... I just don't know anymore ... Moving on! I don't think he's actually a sailor OH GOD THE SHIP IS BEING ATTACKED BY SEA MONSTERS One epic combat montage later, and i saved the little girl. So.. So precocious. And now my reward! And arrived at my destination after a brief sucker punch in the childhoods. Anyway, you know what a new region means, right? MORE BUDGES MERICA Oh. I guess I'll leave then. No point inwait a minute... Oh god. He's a gamer. Oh my. Just for the record: New!Kanto's CURATOR music is probably among the best in the series. Of course, I have two ELFs with Earthquake. Hilarity ensues. Woo! Citrus! ...Eh? Anyway, the next gym was less than five minutes away. So I went in, got through a few battles and... ...Forgot that some items crash the game! Well, let's see if my save is still alright: And it is! But not saving means that I have to repeat the entire part! [bleep]! [spoiler=NEXT TIME... ON POKEMON VIETNAMESE KANTO] I do everything again [spoiler=Behind the Scenes!] I lied.
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