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  1. I had a blog here once, apparently. I never posted on it regularly, looking back, but I'm going to try to rectify that. Something that's changed quite a bit from the way I used to play, and something that doesn't seem that popular anymore, is that I don't take very many screenshots of my accomplishments in the game. When I got 99 woodcutting, I didn't even get a screenshot of it, which might not be the most popular thing here, but I don't really feel like changing that. It takes a bit of the fun out of things, I find. So, I'm going to try and be back here to post more often. I might say things about the things I accomplish - drops, skills, etc. etc. - but don't expect an abundance of screenshots - my adventurer's log might be the best that I do in that regard. What I really want to do with this is thinking about the game. I just realized that I've been playing this game more than a decade (I don't know the exact date, is there somewhere I can find that?), and I've seen a ton of things happen in there. I guess that what I really want to do is get into what I think about the game, why I'm still playing, and some sort of analysis of various things as they come to mind. I just want to think a lot about a game that means a lot to me and really dig as deep into it as I possibly can. I also think there is enough of people just saying "Hey, look at the drop I got!" or "Look at my skills!" and I want to do something different and add something new to the discussion. But first, let's see if I get anything going in the first place. If I make it past this post, there might be a miracle.
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