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  1. Ladies and gentlemen, Tip.It has been around for a long time. People spend time together talking, and gradually, friendships end up becoming more. Relationships have bloomed over the years that Tip.It has been around, and some of the great relationships live on in our memory. Some of the greats include: Tripsis & PureMageUK D.V. "I'm getting lucky tonight!" Devnull & Sy Accursed Leik & Leik's LEFT Hand It is of no surprise to those in the know then, that two of the more famous Tip.It members have finally announced their engagement, and shockingly, have set the wedding date! It is my great pleasure to announce the union of Miss Lioness and Blaze The Movie Fan! Miss Lioness has long been a fan of efficiency, and after watching the videos of Blaze, fell in love with his masculine voice, and astounding accent. A whirlwind romance followed for her, and she set her flaming heart on Blaze until the end of time. As a moderator, it's unusual for a relationship to be started with a puny user, for of course, moderators are above the common users, on another level, another plane of existence per say. At least, this is the impression we've got so far! Blaze The Movie Fan is a lovely, outgoing young gentlemen, who has long made topics to help the users of Tip.It. Well known for his threads in Help and Advice, he pretends to not know the answers to simple questions and gets training tips so that those who read the thread will gain the knowledge that he hopes for them to one day reach his level of expertise. Blessed as the Almighty Steel Dragon Slayer, his renown in combat is unmatched, and his video making skills put him up at the top of the YouTube subscribers list. What wedding can go ahead without details? Thankfully for you readers, I have managed to get a sneak peak at the hottest wedding of these days! Bride: Blaze The Movie Fan Groom: Mike the Lioness Best man: D.V. "She's taking second best because I'm always the best" Devnull Maid of Honor - Arceus Pastor - Steph Bridesmaids - Salleh, Woodenfruit Flower Girls - Leik, De Elite One, Bxpprod Date - 25/12/2014 at 3pm GMT Location - Brimhaven Dungeon, near the Steel dragons We hope to see you there, so that you too, can witness the beautiful sight of two lovers forever joining their lives! As a present of the happy couple, we invite you to take part in one of our voucher deals! Disclaimer: This thread is for comedic purposes only, and any and all jokes are not the views of the Tip.It Staff team. We hope that you enjoyed the Christmas gift of laughter, and hope that you and your friends have a very happy holidays to come.
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