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    I remember joining this forum and spending all the time I wasn't playing the game browsing through the forums (always had a tab open) or taking part in the forum games - anyone remember Hegemony in the OT forum? Me and my brother Sam used to make forum signatures, some of which I still see on a couple of users; LinkZelda has the Arctic Monkeys one I made when I was like 11 and I wanna say Sam has a couple people still using his signatures. I posted for advice when I first started learning bass guitar, before transitioning to guitar, which led me to go to university to study music. Every time I come back to Runescape I always remember the great times I had here, and come back to the forums to check if it's still alive, and it's clinging on, just about. As others have said, despite being in many ways an inferior format, Reddit is king, which is a real shame. Hopefully someday soon we see a resurgence in independent forums. Love you all, I'll probably be back soon, but I want those that read to know that you've shaped me as a person, in a purely positive way.
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